How to measure kids’ feet at home

We understand the struggle when it comes to accurately measuring children’s feet; guesstimating sizes is a total no-go but when shoe size conversions get thrown into the mix, the multitude of UK, EU and even US measurements can be a total nightmare.

Luckily for you, you’ll find all of our shoes are listed with UK sizes. What’s more, to make things even easier, we’ve created this handy guide on how to measure kids’ feet at home, along with a printable shoe size chart for easy-peasy foot measurement.

Is back-to-school season looming on the horizon but you don’t have the time to pop into store? If you’re measuring for new school shoes ahead of time, never fear!

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Download our kids’ shoe sizer below to get started – you’ll just have to get them to stay in one place long enough!

Step 1: Download and print out our kids’ shoe sizer chart

It’s important that you double check the scale of the print-out before you’re good to go – it needs to be set to 100% on A4 paper for the most accurate at-home measuring. To double-check, compare the cm guide down the side of the foot measure with a ruler to make sure they match.

Childrens Printable Foot Measure

Step 2: Carefully measure your child’s right foot

Before you start, ensure the foot measurement chart is on flat surface and that your child is wearing the type of socks they would normally wear for the footwear you wish to buy.

Place your child’s right foot onto the paper, ensuring their heel is correctly positioned against the marked line and their inner foot is closely aligned to the ruler guide.

Follow the dotted line across from the ruler to the UK size list for an approximate measurement based on the length in cm of your child’s feet. If you’re between sizes, we’d recommend the whole size above.

Step 3: Measure your child’s left foot

For the left foot, place the heel in the same position, this time with the outer edge of the foot alongside the ruler. Follow the line where the big toe hits to the right-hand side to find the size.

If one foot is slightly bigger than the other (this is completely normal), take the biggest measurement of the two.

If you do need to convert your child’s shoe size from UK into EU sizing or vice versa, you’ll also find our kids’ shoe size conversion chart here.

Step 4: Time to start online shopping!

Now you’ve done all the hard work, you can start shopping online. Browse our purse-friendly collections of boys' and girls' shoes here, full of on-trend designs that they won’t want to take off!

Kids’ foot measurement in-store

Remember, this shoe size template is designed to give you a guide to your child’s correct foot size only. Some manufacturers’ sizes do differ and it’s also worth noting that the feet swell during the day, so your child’s feet may be bigger in the evening than the morning.

For a failsafe measurement, getting your child’s feet sized up in-store is your best bet. Our trained shoe fitters can be found in all of our stores and are always happy to help! Find our useful store locator,here.

NB. Due to the coronavirus pandemic our in store fitting service is currently unavailable.