School Shoes

Whether you’re preparing for the back-to-school rush or need a last-minute term replacement, our cheap kids’ school shoes are available to buy online and in-store all year round. Featuring leather or vegan school shoes in slip-on, Velcro, T-bar or lace-up fastenings, our selection is on hand to carry your youngster through action-packed term times.


Our fantastic range offers hard-wearing, great-value and stylish children's school shoes at unbeatable prices. In sizes for younger kids and teens, choose their perfect pair of black school shoes from top brands such as Kickers, Skechers, Rockstorm, Hush Puppies and Business Class.




Frequently asked questions about school shoes

What shoes are best for school?

When it comes to the best shoes for school, it’s key to keep comfort and durability at the front of your mind. Slip-on loafers and T-bar flats are an excellent formal option, whilst a chunkier style of shoe, such as a boot or an all-black trainer are practical for those long school days and playground antics. If their school follows the more traditional uniform policies, then you must make sure that their school shoes are always black! For an insight into some of our favourite styles, take a look here.

When to buy school shoes?

We all know how quickly children grow and their feet are no exception, so it’s always best to wait until a couple of weeks before the return to school to buy new school shoes.

How long should school shoes last?

On average, the lifespan of a pair of school shoes can be anywhere between six months to a year. The length of time will depend on what your child usually gets up to during the school day, the quality of materials and how well you maintain them, but most importantly, how quickly they grow.

How to clean school shoes?

Maintaining and cleaning school shoes are an integral part of making sure your little one stays looking spick and span all-year-long. To clean school shoes, begin my removing any loose dirt with a soft brush, wipe with a damp cloth, then tackle any stubborn marks with a small amount of soap and a brush. Once these simple steps have been completed, rinse and wipe off any excess soap and apply your chosen shoe protection. Why not head over to out blog for an in depth guide on how to polish leather shoes.

How to stop school shoes rubbing?

If you’re searching for how to stop school shoes rubbing, the most important top tip is to make sure to buy the correct size! Always leave enough time before the return to school to break in shoes, however if you find your little one is already suffering, try thicker socks or cushioned inserts. For more top tips, visit our blog to read about how to avoid getting blisters.


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