The Simpsons Homer

Imogen Bews - Date Added: 20/06/2017

I got these for my kids to give there daddy for Father's Day he is very happy with them . he is a size 8 but I got him size 10 after reading other reviews saying they were small made and they fit perfect so would defo say get the size up :) ...



Apache Jazster

Samantha Bone - Date Added: 19/06/2017

My daughter loves them, beautiful fit and she has wide feet



Platino Jenna

julie potter - Date Added: 31/05/2017

Sorry not comfortable at all, always had ever so soft white toe posts no longer available these were my poor substitutes ...



Hush Puppies Newmarket

David Barnes - Date Added: 27/05/2017

Excellent comfortable shoe. Having a wide fit for shoes I love these as they do not pinch the toes. The only shoe I wear mainly nowadays, keep coming back for this after ten years. ...



Wynsors Blizzard

Trevor Hunt - Date Added: 06/05/2017

Horrible. First of the inside part of my right Wellington is pushed/stuck in, so my I struggle to put my feet in and out, also due to this problem my feet always hurt. Plus when I'm not wearing them, they always bend and flop on the floor, I told the worker to give me another pair but she said they were all like that. And the most annoying thing is, is that when I put them on when it was raining, as soon as I stepped into a 3" puddle my sock were soaked. And later when I checked to see what was wrong I had seen that the heel was falling/dangling. ...



Dr Keller Claire

Joy Parker - Date Added: 29/04/2017

very comfortable do not know I am wearing them would like them in Black