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Eric Bowyer - Date Added: 14/07/2017

Had to return the boots as they were faulty and couldn't exchange as there were no others in stock. Got a refund....



Miles Toon - Date Added: 26/08/2016

Great value pair of leather shoes. Still in the process of wearing them in, and they have a nice real leather smell. I deceided to give them a polish with some neutral polish and use a leather protector which seemed to move about the brown colour a bit - but this was expected. I was curious about the material for the sole as it seems like a plasticy rubber which might wear down but at this price it's fine. I bought a size 8 when I normall go for sizs 7+1/2 or 8 as I have wide feet. There's a fair bit of room at the toe (inch to 1.5 inch) but no heel slipping and they're meant to fit loosely. I can wear with thick socks for ultimate comfort if I do walking and then they're snug....



Craig Hardie - Date Added: 08/08/2016

Very good shoes for the price apart from bent clasp on buckle which scratched my finger when I went to tie laces!...