Guide to Buying Wellies

A guide to buying wellies

Winter and wellies go together like, well, Winter and wellies! Then again with our summers of late the wellie is a wise item of footwear to consider at all times of year. After all we live in a green and pleasant land for one very good reason, rain and plenty of it. Nowadays there are many choices when it comes to wellies. Gone are the days of you can have any colour so long as it is black or green. You name it you can pretty much get it, from a welly point of view. 

As with all footwear it is important to consider what you will be mostly doing with your wellies:

Ladies if you are a fan of the festival then you have two basic options buy a cool design that you can wear and take home and use for another day or pack a pair of value basics that you can afford to drop off at one of the many recycling areas that festivals now have as you leave. Guys you tend to have a more sober choice of colours but there is nothing to stop you customising. Regardless it is a worthwhile festival lesson to learn that keeping your feet dry will make the whole festival experience much more pleasant… a bit like remembering to bring your own loo roll.  

Gardening is the traditional love of the welly wearing fraternity and to be frank what better item of footwear could there be for pottering and weeding?  Green again is the tradition but novelty designs are making their presence felt in suburban gardens across the land so the option is there to express your individuality and enjoy your garden. Farmers beware the novelty wellington may not be the best choice for you so stick to tradition.

In the work place, for example in construction work, specialist wellies will be required and should adhere to the relevant health and safety requirements of the job Steel toe caps are a common requirement for building sites, offering protection from the elements and for .

As for sizes, it tends to be the case that wellies are roomier than other footwear so as to allow for thick socks to keep you warm and toasty.  If you need a bit more warmth, perhaps if you are outdoors for a long stretches at a time then go for the next size up and you can put a thermal insole in to give extra comfort and protection.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about wellies so go get some and get out and about in warm, dry comfort.