Guide to Buying Slippers

The Slipper Guide

Slippers are quite simply the ultimate comfort footwear. Like a favourite jumper, a pair of slippers has a comforting and warming quality like no other. There are many styles available to choose from in a whole host of colours and materials so you can lounge around home in soft, cosy and comfortable style! 

But with so many styles to choose from it can be hard to choose a perfect pair, so here is the breakdown of the main styles:


Mule Slippers 

A mule slipper is simply a backless slipper. This is a style that crosses both genders and is a great slipper style for summer. Another advantage of the mule slipper is that it is easy to slip on and off so if you get a pair with a nice sturdy sole it is a great option for nipping in and out of the home, perfect for putting out the bins! In the majority of cases, mule slippers have a closed front, but you can also find open toes women’s styles.

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Bootee Slippers

The bootee slipper, also known as a slipper boot, is a great choice for winter as they are a much warmer style. Typically they are made from materials such as faux fur, knit fabrics, suede, and wool. They are a style that is mainly used for womens and girls slippers, but you can also get some great boys slipper boot styles featuring famous characters such as Batman.

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Full Slippers

Full slippers are often called closed slippers. It basically means that the slipper has a heel guard which prevents the slipper from sliding off the foot. A good example of a full slipper is the classic moccasin. The full or closed slipper comes in a range of materials so gives quite a lot of flexibility in terms of choice. If you want a slipper for colder months then go for a fully faux fur lined option, or for a cooler slipper try a ballerina style with a thin textile lining. Similar to mule slippers you can also get a range of sole coverings which give the option for outdoor use also.

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Novelty Slippers

Novelty slippers have become synonymous with Christmas gifts, especially for girls and boys. Many entertainment businesses and film studios will license out their star character branding to be used across many products including slippers. So look out for your kid’s favourite TV, cartoon or film character as you are sure to find them on a pair of novelty slippers!

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Here at Wynsors we stock a massive range of slippers in a range of style, colours, and materials. So when it comes to slippers take your pick. Choose a style that suits you. They are your slippers so enjoy them!


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