We Think That All Children’s Shoes Should Be VAT Exempt – Join the Petition Now!


Growth Spurt

Here at Wynsors, we have launched a petition to make all children’s shoes VAT-exempt for British shoppers, regardless of their foot size.

As shoe-fitting experts, we know that boys’ shoes up to and including size 6.5 and girls’ shoes up to and including size 5.5 are currently exempt from VAT charges under government legislation. However, we also know that many children quickly outgrow these sizes and their parents are charged an extra 20 percent for “adult shoes”, despite their young age.

That’s why we propose that all shoes, whatever their size, should be VAT-exempt so long as their wearer is aged 14 and under.

British parents speak out

To gauge the public’s mood, we decided to run a survey that covered 2,000 British parents.

We simply asked: “Is it fair that parents of kids who have bigger feet have to pay extra for adult-sized shoes due to the way that VAT is charged in the UK?”

69% of our respondents said that it wasn’t justified.

Ben Sagar, Group Marketing Executive for Wynsors, said: “Research by the College of Podiatry has found that as a nation, our feet are on average two sizes bigger than they were 40 years ago. Shoes that fit properly are essential for everyone, particularly for children as they head out to school or to play at an essential time in their development.

“Some will grow faster than others and we don’t think it’s fair that these children’s parents and guardians are financially penalised for those in their care having larger-than-average feet for their age.

“That’s why we’ve launched this petition to help shoppers save money and have more options when it comes to buying shoes for their children. We hope for changes to the legislation to make it much easier and cheaper for those purchasing footwear for those aged 14 and under.”

To sign the petition, use our link to change.org here 


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