Back to school: how to update your kids’ uniform for the final term without spending a fortune


Cheap school shoes to get your child through this last term (and beyond!)How fast does the academic year fly by? It feels like just a month or two since last summer’s school shop and yet we’ve celebrated the new year, been out and about hunting Easter eggs and the clocks have done their part in extending our daylight hours by springing forward like the proverbial spring bunny.

Now consider what your child’s school shoes have been through in that time period. We’ve taken a trip down memory lane to recall the adventures we went on at school when our feet were quite a few sizes smaller.

Keep reading; reminisce with us and pick up a few tips for updating their uniform during the final term.

Playing football in our school shoes

We begged our parents for months for the coolest school shoes but once we had them, or sulked off to school in a subpar pair, nothing stopped us from kicking the ball around at 4pm.

Usually using our P.E. kits – trainers and all! – as goal posts. Now we understand why our parents groaned!

Chewing holes in our sleeves

We don’t know who started this bizarre – and probably quite unhygienic – trend, but plenty of us here at Wynsors remember the satisfaction you’d feel when you had gnawed your way right through the cuff and you could poke your thumb out the other side.

In the list of things we did that inadvertently annoyed our parents – we just couldn’t understand it! – chewing our sleeves probably ranked third behind leaning on brick walls in our brand-new jumpers and pulling off each other’s shirt buttons. Why?

Carrying our coats home in the rain

At what age do you start actively trying to avoid getting wet? In our memories, it was when we turned 14 or 15 that we started to curate a less damp and more distinguished appearance.

Until then, there was nothing more enjoyable than jumping into the deepest puddles in your freshly polished shoes and soaking through your uniform because you aren’t fussed to take your coat out of your bag.

Tips for updating their uniform this term

Bearing in mind our fond memories, it’s no surprise that the longevity of our kids’ uniforms sometimes falls short of a full academic year, but with the annual summer shop looming, many of us are wary to spend even more money at this point.

Particularly because kids have a habit of stretching when it is least convenient, and they might grow out of new purchases before September! We’ve put together a few top tips to make the process as painless as possible.

Read our real mums’ guide to saving money on the school shop

You can find our handy guide here, featuring advice from real mums who have done the school shop time and time again. Of course, it’s most relevant for your pre-September spree, but tips such as buying a size bigger in jumpers and shirts will come in useful when you’re looking to save money in the long term.

Shop our collection of cheap school shoes

We’ve got an incredible range of cheap school shoes for girls and boys, featuring schoolyard hero brands like Kickers as well as our own signature quality styles which will fit them comfortably for wear after wear.

Check out our advice for buying the best school shoes and you’ll find guidelines to ensure your kids’ shoes fit perfectly and discover the dangers of an ill-fitting size.

Invest in a quality shoe polish

The idea of polishing your shoes may have become quite nostalgic, but the benefits that come hand in hand with a quality polish are well worth the time it takes.

In our shoe care section, you’ll find renovating creams, scuff covers and various polishes that will hide wear and tear, give your kids’ shoes a new lease of life and a shine that your Grandad would be proud of.

Do you have any other fond memories of school, when your disdain for the uniform made your parents groan? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter today with the hashtag #NostalgiaWyn!


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