Your Ultimate Guide to Nike Shoes – All of Your Questions Answered


Everything you need to know about Nike shoes

As the leading athletic footwear manufacturer, it goes without saying that Nike is well-loved by a whole host of sneaker enthusiasts and that includes all of us here at Wynsors.

We do everything we can to bring you your favourite trainers with our signature incredible prices, and now we’ve decided to create this FAQ guide too, so you can find out everything you want to know about Nike in one convenient location!

Nike Shoes and Trainers: The History

You could be forgiven for thinking that Nike must have been founded long before 1964 – it is, after all, the largest manufacturer in athletic footwear and sportswear. Incredibly Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, a track athlete he coached at the University of Oregon, starting selling Onitsuka Tiger footwear from the boots of their cars at track meets under the name Blue Ribbon Sports.

It wasn’t until 1971 that the pair began to sell their own shoes, with the now world-famous “Swoosh” logo and brand name, Nike; both of which were put forward by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University. It seems unbelievable now that Phil Knight apparently didn’t love the logo, but with looming production deadlines, said it would grow on him in time.

Today, the brand name hasn’t been a part of the logo since 1995, as the Swoosh speaks for itself. It really must have grown on them.

What Does Nike Mean?

What does Nike mean

In ancient Greece, Nike was a winged goddess who represented victory, and according to legend, she would appear in battlefields to reward champions with glory and fame. We don’t know the extent to which Carolyn Davidson looked into the mythology around Nike, but it’s certainly very fitting for a brand of trainers worn by so many athletic greats!

Contrary to popular belief, Davidson’s Swoosh was not designed as a tick mark, but as Knight requested, a logo that “had something to do with movement”. For many people, the design is now synonymous with style, success, fitness and determination.

Why are Nike Trainers so Popular?

Once Bowerman and Knight started selling their own designs, the popularity of Nike shoes skyrocketed and continues to grow to this day, according to Google Trends.

But why?

Nike Moves with the Times, Without Losing Sight of the Brand’s Iconic Roots

How does Nike endure changing fashion trends and stay relevant to today’s market alongside new, innovative brands like Under Armour and Yeezy?

Thanks to their inspired branding and expert focus on athletic functionality, Nike has had decades to build a reputation that customers are confident in. They continue to implement new shoe technology – such as Flyknit “sock trainers” – and they can keep an ever-present finger on the pulse of athletic style, without losing their unique, iconic look.

Nike Also Leads the Way in a Market That’s Expanding

In 2017, the worldwide athletic footwear market was valued at 64.3 billion US dollars, set to increase by 5% before 2025 and as we mentioned, Nike are the world’s leading footwear manufacturer.

The general consensus is that there’s a twofold reason for the growing interest in trainers, sneakers and other sportswear, and Nike has a pretty solid hold on what these consumers are looking for:

  1. The Rise of Athleisure Fashion

It’s hard to pinpoint when people regularly started using the term “athleisure”, but what many thought would be a short-lived trend shows no sign of slowing down, and a quick Instagram search shows an ever-growing list of over 650,000 posts with the hashtag #athleisure.

It seems that people are increasingly interested in wearing athletic apparel whether or not they’re going to the gym, and it’s no surprise with innovators like Nike expertly combining comfortable, supportive design and superior styling to create versatile footwear options for everyday.

  1. Increased Awareness of Health and Fitness

There’s a revolution going on under the surface though, too.

One in seven people in the UK are now gym members and viral trends like “strong not skinny” and “fitspo” have burst onto the scene through hashtags and motivational marketing campaigns for nutritional and fitness plans, making strength and health the order of the day rather than staying slim.

As a brand whose roots are firmly planted in providing functional, supportive sportswear to athletes, it goes without saying that years of customer confidence have helped Nike to stay at the forefront as a supplier for trends like these and maintain their market leadership.

Best Nike Shoes to…

What are the best Nike shoes

Nike footwear can be worn in a whole host of ways for different occasions, and the brand makes various comfortable, stylish designs depending on what you’re getting up to each day.

To Wear with Jeans

Going smart casual and not sure how to style your Nikes with jeans?

Honestly, it’s more about choosing the right jeans to wear with your trainers. To master this classic look, your jeans should fit well. Baggy trousers and trainers can look instantly scruffy so pick a tailored style (that could be straight leg, slim fit or skinny) and make sure to choose a length that works with your sneaker’s silhouette.

For example, high-top trainers will look good with cropped jeans or ankle grazers but low-top styles will better suit full-length denims. Choose an understated black or blue jean and keep your sneakers looking box-fresh with shoe protector and you’ve nailed it.

Nike Air Max MillenialNike Downshifter

To Wear on a Night Out

To trainer (on a night out), or not to trainer (on a night out): that is the question.

With the relaxation of dress codes throughout offices, bars and even clubs, the fact that 20% of people have still been turned away from a night spot for wearing trainers is a hot topic, so we wrote a blog post about it.

In short, if you want to wear trainers, you’re taking a risk. However, if casual footwear is simply more your style or you live for danger, try a black design which is more of a hybrid boot or canvas pump than a pair you could clearly work out in.

Reach for Nike Court Borough Low or Court Royale silhouettes for a safer yet stylish alternative.

Nike Court Borough LowNike Court Royale

Nike Trainers Sizing

Do Nike trainers run small?

As with many brands, Nike trainers are converted from American sizes, so there’s potential for inconsistency. When compared to brands such as adidas, some customers do say that Nike shoes run smaller in both length and width, and recommend buying a size up.

The only way to be sure is to shop in-store, so our shoe-fitting experts can measure your feet and help you to find the right size.

How to Clean Nike Shoes

The temptation is strong, but under no circumstances should you put your Nike shoes in a washing machine. Nike doesn’t endorse it and they could lose shape, fade or break your machine.

Instead, remove dirt with a soft brush then use a soft cloth and soapy water to clean away stains. Find out more about revitalising your favourite footwear in our shoe care guide.

Where to Buy Nike Trainers

For a great range of Nike trainers with prices you won’t believe, look no further than Wynsors World of Shoes. We’ve got popular styles like Air Max and Tanjun with our trademark discounts and they’re available in a variety of sizes for men, women and kids.

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