Getting Your Leavers’ Ball Right: From Perfect Prom Shoes to Stunning Promposals


Perfect prom shoes & promposals

Girls, do you dream of the perfect prom?

We totally understand the feeling – after all, you only leave school once; it’s the end of an era, and you’ve done so much revision it feels like your head could spontaneously combust! Since we can’t transport ourselves back to our own school days, we’d love to join you in looking forward to the big event.

Most importantly, don’t stress! Finding a flattering outfit, heavenly prom shoes and preening yourself for the day should all be fun activities, and the only person you need to impress is yourself!

Your fashion-savvy friends at Wynsors are here to help you with the preparations – let’s go out with a bang!

Deciding on the dress

If you can, we’d suggest looking for your prom dress at least a few weeks before the big day.

That way you can ensure you’ve had time to look properly; you can make sure your chosen dress fits and you’ll be able to get alterations if not. You’ll also feel more confident that you found the best possible dress for your taste.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re wearing a last resort!

Have a bit of fun when you’re shopping and find out your skin tone first – that way you can experiment with the colours that should and shouldn’t suit you. Then ignore it all and choose your favourite colour if you want to! StyleCaster has a great article about this here.

Precious fabrics are likely to be high on your wishlist – we’re talking tulle, lace and velvet, which are naturally show-stealing. We’d also recommend taking inspiration from red carpet events, celebs are pretty much always wearing the new-season styles.

Selecting your prom shoes

It’s always tempting to go all out when it comes to picking your footwear, but it can be a pricey business to find a style you love. Not when you shop at Wynsors! Our prom shoes are affordable, great-quality and on-trend for the season.

Choose heeled black prom shoes as part of a classic sophisticated statement, or play with glitter and pastels for something a little more striking.

Wynsors Deanna GoldWynsors Deanna NavyWynsors Christie TaupeWynsors Christie BlackDolcis Tiarra NudeDolcis Tiarra Black

It goes without saying that here at Wynsors, shoes are the most important part of the outfit for us. When it comes to your prom ensemble, this is true in more ways than one!

Sure, you should have a pair of shoes that you love, but you needn’t feel like the pressure is on to wear heels if you don’t want to! Anyway, it’s important that your feet are comfy too – that way you can dance for hours on end!

Opt for a pretty sandal or an embellished pump in your favourite shade and you’ll still feel like you’re dressed to impress.

Wynsors Savana CoralWynsors Holland NudePlatino Lacy Silver

You might feel that wearing an extravagant heel is part and parcel of the whole experience even with these gorgeous options to choose from.

Well never fear! In that case, we’d suggest something with a bigger platform to take some of the strain away from inexperienced toes – these metallic and floral wedge styles are every inch as glamorous as a full-on stiletto!

Dolcis Veron FloralDolcis HollieDolcis Hollie Gold

You could even have your cake and eat it, by bringing along a pair of flats for after you’ve made your entrance, and you need a little more mobility on the dance floor!

Your finishing touches

Complete your look with a handbag to carry essentials. We will always recommend a clutch – that way there are no straps cutting across your dress and spoiling the silhouette.

They’re easy to carry and you won’t be tempted to bring along the kitchen sink because a clutch is just the right size.

For something a little out of the ordinary, we will also advise a pair of dress gloves – they just sing classic Hollywood glamour and there aren’t many occasions that you can dress up as much as you like!

Wynsors Helena BlackXTI Excite GoldXTI Excess Silver

Marilyn Monroe Wikimedia 1
Wikimedia Commons Image
Marilyn Monroe Wikimedia 2
Wikimedia Commons Image

The ultimate promposal ideas!

Proms have become a much bigger deal in the UK in recent years (thanks, America!) and we couldn’t be happier about the emergence of “promposals”.

If you haven’t heard about this adorable phenomenon, a promposal is basically what it says on the tin: a prom proposal. Whether you’ll simply daydream about them or use our ideas to ask that special person to prom – ladies, it is 2017 after all – we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.

  1. A star-studded invite

Not sure how likely it is to come across one of their favourite actors or celebs, but being asked to prom by Bryan Cranston would definitely make you say yes, right?

  1. Say it with snacks

GCSE English Shakespeare teaches us that music is the food of love, but honestly, we think food is the food of love…

  1. Make the point with their favourite fandom

He is right about Hermione and Ron though… we could have avoided books’ worth of heartache!

One last piece of advice…

It doesn’t actually have to be perfect. You’ll have the best time of your life anyway! All of your friends in one room, you’re dressed like an A-Lister and you might even have a cheeky glass of champagne. Onwards and upwards – you’ve got your whole life ahead of you!

We hope that you found our leavers’ ball tips useful and that your prom packs a punch! Don’t forget you can find a great range of occasion heels and prom shoes at Wynsors today, and with next-day delivery available, it’s never too late to order online.

If, like us, you had your prom a few years ago and you’d like to share your own advice for the young’uns, chat to us over on Facebook now. We’d love to hear about your experience, whether it was flawless or full of fashion faux pas!


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