Your complete guide to Muck Boots: Everything you need to know


Find out everything you need to know about Muck Boots with a little help from Wynsors.

Are you looking for a pair of durable, high-performance boots to protect you from the elements?

Here at Wynsors World of Shoes, we have a quality range of Muck Boots to suit your every outdoor need, with our signature unbelievable prices to sweeten the deal. Whether you’re battling icy weather in the city or exploring what nature has to offer in the great outdoors, a pair of these boots will ensure you’re ready to tackle any tough conditions head-on.

Our selection of Muck Boots for men, women and kids includes a fantastic choice of styles, colours and designs, so you can remain as stylish as you are dry and comfortable. You’ll find all the information you need about these trusty boots right here – from why they’re so popular, to how to repair and style them.

The History of Muck Boots

For festival enthusiasts and those that prefer spending more time outside than in, Muck Boots have been a shoe rack essential since 1999, when this brand began their footwear revolution.

Originally an equestrian supplier, with boots designed to survive mucking out the barn (hence the name!) these weren’t just any old pair shoes.

The Original Muck Boot Company’s sole purpose was to create a comfy boot which allowed the wearer to be undeterred by Mother Nature’s elements. With the freedom to tackle mud, snow and water head-on, Muck Boots are anything but basic.

The original creations inspired this quality brand to expand its selection of waterproof footwear. Two decades later? There are over 60 styles of Muck Boots for men, women and kids – so take your pick and go on an adventure!

Are Muck Boots Popular?

As a fashion-conscious bargain hunter, you may be curious as to whether Muck Boots are as stylish and popular as they are practical.

With the famous American country singer, Jessie James Decker, one of many regular wearers and ambassadors for the brand, it’s easy to see why a pair of these durable boots are a must-have.

A look on Google Trends shows us that search interest in Muck Boots increased massively in 2017 compared to previous years in the UK, peaking in popularity around December – the perfect excuse to put them on your Christmas list!

Google Trends shows us that search interest in Muck Boots increased massively in 2017. They’re getting even more popular!

Why not strut on nature’s catwalk? Muck Boots supposedly even helped to inspire the fall 2018 collection of Salvatore Ferragamo when creative director, Paul Andrew, saw Margaret mucking out the horses in The Crown TV show, wearing her own pair (according to Elle).

How to Wear Muck Boots

Whichever pair is your cup of tea, the Muck Boots design has all the practicality of classic wellingtons but refreshed with modern materials and bold colours, so you can always look your best.

Keep your feet protected from pools of mud if you’re going to a festival this year. We all understand the unpredictability of the British climate, which is why we stock Muck Boots in sleek shapes and a great range of shades to complete your outfit. Why not match a pair of colourful Bergen Mid Muck Boots with your raincoat and really stand out from the crowd?

The funky Arctic Weekend Muck Boots keep warm air in and cold air out so even the most daring explorer’s feet can stay warm in extreme conditions. Tuck in a pair of thermal trousers and team with your favourite padded coat if you’re trekking in the wilderness.

If a relaxing dog walk or spot of gardening is more your thing, the Derwent Ii Muck Boots are ideal for muddy, wet conditions. Wear with your favourite pair of jeans and plenty of layers in the colder months for effortless yet practical style.

What Socks to Wear with Muck Boots

You may have had some not-so-great experiences wearing wellies and other boots-alike, after discovering that your feet are begging to be set free after a painstaking walk.

Muck Boots are made from flexible and breathable material so you’re less prone to blisters and sore toes. We recommend wearing a pair of medium-weight athletic socks to give you the best fit.

You don’t need to wear thick socks unless you’re planning on exploring in extreme, cold conditions. But if you want to be extra-cosy, no worries – the boots will stretch to accommodate thicker socks.

Here at Wynsors, we have some great tips for repairing holes in your Muck Boots.

How to Repair a Hole in Muck Boots

Muck Boots are made from high-quality material so they’ll be on the shoe rack for a long time to come, ready to carry you through the seasons! If the durable rubber does start to show some general wear and tear, however, you can repair it in no time.

The natural rubber can be simply repaired with waterproof sealant found in your local hardware store. In a speedy two-step process, clean the punctured area thoroughly with mineral spirits, then apply the sealant over the affected area and wipe to a thin film. Leave it to dry for 24 hours for the ultimate repair job – a piece of cake!

Where to Buy Muck Boots

If you want a pair of trusty Muck Boots to accommodate all of your favourite outdoor activities, the Wynsors selection offers both style and comfort at an incredibly affordable price. Browse the range of cheap Muck Boots online or pop into your nearest store today. 

Is there anything else you want to know about Muck Boots? Check out our Facebook page and ask our experts for handy, reliable advice.

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