Most comfortable shoes and trainers to help banish working-from-home blues


Working from home is becoming the new norm, but it’s easy to miss old routines and sometimes feel blue when you’re stuck indoors. Normal dress codes are out of the window, with more casual, top-half friendly get-ups being on the up in the quest for comfort in its purest form, but in the midst of all the change, one question remains – what are the most comfortable shoes and trainers for all at-home activities?

Whether you’re a home bird at heart who loves a slipper, or a sneakerhead after the comfiest kicks fresh out the box, finding a shoe that gives your feet that cloud-nine feeling is a must to keep your working-from-home vibes positive.

With that in mind, we’ve provided the lowdown on the comfiest shoes for men and women that won’t leave you out of pocket. If you do have a case of the lockdown blues, we’ve got that covered too; we’ve spoken to real people who’re working from home to get their top tips for staying positive.

Most comfortable shoes for men

Virtual meetings, indoor errands or lunchtime breaking. Whatever your weekday agenda looks like, comfortable footwear is the fresh-off-the-block best friend that you didn’t know you needed through it all. Scroll on for a wallet-friendly selection of supportive men’s styles that your feet will thank you for.

Comfiest trainers for retro style buffs

There’s a reason why the adidas Samba Super is one of the most memorable of the sports brand’s history. A lightweight midsole offers high-degree cushioning and, combined with a soft, full-grain leather upper, the Samba is more than just a retro classic destined for the indoor pitch.

Unbox a pair of these beauties in black or blue to uncover their chunky, textured rubber bumper, gum-coloured sole and contrasting heel patch which allude to their football roots.

Adidas Samba

Positive working-from-home tip #1:

Dr Frances Holliss, Emeritus Reader in Architecture at London Metropolitan University mentioned how people experiment with their home office set-ups:

 “Some people like to cook as they work, moving between computer and stove when they get stuck or bored. Others, including some well-known authors, like to work in bed. Be imaginative; some home-workers have a morning and an afternoon working spot.”

For long days which leave you craving a hug, it’s no surprise to hear that a classic pair of moccasins will fit the bill to a tee. The dapper silhouette of this ever-timeless style is waiting in the wings to swaddle your feet with the extra comfort they deserve.

Their super-soft design, available in sleek mahogany-hued brown or steel-tinted navy, features a leather upper for durability, while a suedette outer fabric, woven lace detailing and gathered seam construction gives the characteristic edge that they’re adored for.

Positive working-from-home tip #2:

Suzy Glaskie, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, founder of Peppermint Wellness and host of the ‘Wellness Unwrapped’ podcast, shared with us the importance of starting your day with self-care practice:

“I find this really helps set the tone for the day and boosts my emotional resilience for whatever it throws at me. Doing a regular mindfulness practice first thing will help you manage anxiety (there are loads of apps you can try – I do the Calm app’s Daily Calm in the morning).”

Supportive sneakers for at-home activities

If you’re juggling weekly work conferences with home-schooling the kids, then this humble trainer is the number one choice to stand up to the rigours of at-home life. The men’s Equaliser 3.0 in cool-toned grey or minimal navy from Skechers has mastered the art of superb comfort and magnetic style in one.

Find a nearly seamless construction showcasing the latest and greatest in cushioning technology with their trademark Air Cooled Memory Foam insole, Dual-Lite shock-absorbing midsole and ventilating knitted panels, to name just a few features that gift on-the-go support.

Positive working-from-home tip #3:

With over-active brains, out-of-sync routines and screen time in overdrive, it’s no wonder many of our sleeping patterns have left us feeling more ‘all-nighter’ than ‘well-rested’. Abbas Kanani, a pharmacist from Chemist Click, has explained why:

“…Your circadian rhythm (also known as your body clock) associates bright lights with daytime which can delay the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for promoting sleep… which is why a lot of us working from home are feeling very tired! Maintain good sleep hygiene and do not disrupt your usual pattern so that your energy levels are consistent.”

Podiatrist approved comfort sandals

Get ahead of the summer game with this walking shoe style that mixes support and comfort in equal measure. Hush Puppies present the Carter sandal; crafted from premium leather with a soft Lycra lining and a suede comfort sock, these adjustable, three-strap wonders are a match made in heaven for the outdoor wanderer or active walker.

Positive working-from-home tip #4:

When motivations slump and morale goes out the window, Alexandra Poole, Managing Director and Senior Coach for the iNNiTi effect, told us to, “celebrate wins, big or small as it gives your life and your work meaning.

She continued, “acknowledging and celebrating success is a great motivator for individuals and teams because it strengthens the meaning behind all that hard work. This boosts our self-esteem and it encourages us to take the next step towards reaching the next goal.”

Most comfortable shoes for women

Whenever your daily schedule seems hectic (i.e. always), you deserve footwear which is the epitome of comfort to carry you through the day. Forget sweatbox shoes, big-toe blisters and ‘no time to fasten’ kicks; the comfiest women’s shoes await…

Slippers for a slice of slip-on heaven

There’s no denying that a pair of slippers can be your go-to during sleepy mornings, emotional rollercoasters and me-time marathons, but when it comes to the most comfortable, the Decator pair from Kisses takes the biscuit.

This slip-on mule in smoky grey is a saving grace. A chunky, supportive sole is combined with a microfibre upper before being furnished with a sumptuous faux-fur trim and lining for the cherry on top of the comfort cake.

Positive working-from-home tip #5:

Richard Fewings, Founder of Cosy Owl explained the world of difference a new hobby can make to work-life balance:

“Throughout lockdown, we have seen lots of new customers take to candle making as a new hobby!…it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between workloads and lifestyle… we believe breaking the day up with a walk is a good way to keep your mind clear.”

Most comfortable sneakers for cloud-nine comfort

The hint may be in the name, but the Skechers Ultra Flex Bright slip-ons are the style to watch for all-day wear.

Aside from the brand’s tell-tale Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioning, the Ultra Flex Brights combine athletic design with a stretch-laced instep panel and shock-absorbing midsole, making them ideal for walking and home workouts. Take your pick from slate grey or triple black, too.

Positive working-from-home tip #6:

Maintaining routine is more important than ever right now. Alison, a Services Adviser from the team over at Sensée, shared hers:

“Blu Tack a ‘do not enter’ sign to the office door…When it’s time for a break, I am pretty much guaranteed they’ll meet me in the kitchen with a coffee and a toastie. A Tik Tok dance with my daughter ensures I definitely switch off for a wee while at lunchtime!”

Slip ‘n’ slide in style

Craving the indulgence of a slipper but with the aesthetics of an outdoor sandal? If the answer is yes, you’ll obsess over these floral mules. Spotlighting a tropical print and soft, crossover straps with bow detailing, taking the bins out has never been so stylish!

Positive working-from-home tip #7:

If you’ve given exercise the cold shoulder (you’re not alone!), advice from the team over at TopLine Comms might give you the motivation boost you need:

Katie S pointed out a study from Bristol University which shows that moving your body for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps keep impulses in check. Stepping out for fresh air and getting up and taking regular breaks are easy ways to boost productivity.

Comfortable versatility for the capsule queen

The definition of ‘all-season shoe’, these chic Linzi slip-ons are far from basic. Instead, this trending style is on standby to elevate any look.

A thick, supportive sole offers your feet the protection they’re begging for, but throw a soft, suede-feel fabric upper into the mix and bedeck with a ribbon bow, and you’re ready to run errands and feel great while you do it. (Psst! You can also find these in leopard print, black patent and suede designs!)

Positive working-from-home tip #8:

We spoke to Nutritionist, Jenna Hope, about enjoying food, but knowing when to take the pressure off:

“This is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes and foods. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking, ensure that it stays just as exciting by experimenting with new flavours and foods… If focussing on healthy eating at the moment isn’t feeling natural, then take a step back until it feels right again.”

What are your thoughts on our pick of the most comfortable shoes? If you give any a try, head over to our Facebook or Twitter to let us know your verdict! For more staple styles for the whole family, browse our collection for men, women, boys and girls.


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