How to Master the Sports Luxe Look in the Gym and Everywhere Else


Learn how to pick the right clothing and gym shoes to master the sports luxe look

According to a recent study by YouGov, getting fit is one of the top four resolutions for the New Year, with 37% of people resolving to get more exercise in 2018. Of course, it is a little easier said than done!

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to encourage our customers to stick with it. Break your resolution down into manageable “Daily Wyns” with some advice from the experts and make sure your clothing and gym shoes are conducive to working out, but also make you feel at ease.

It’s no secret that we feel good when we look good – presumably, that’s why the British fashion industry is worth £26 billion! It follows naturally then, that feeling comfortable and stylish will come in handy when you’re starting a new project.

Your first few visits to the gym can be daunting enough without worrying about what to wear!

The answer? Read our dos and don’ts for mastering the sports luxe look and hit the treadmill with a confidence you’ve never had before.

What is the Sports Luxe Trend?

In short, this trend involves wearing sportswear that has been styled so well you can rock it virtually anywhere!

In fact, we’d say that the incredible appeal of sports luxe stems from its wearability. Clothing and footwear is carefully selected to create a practical yet fashionable outfit. Importantly, your sports luxe look will be smart, not shabby or mismatched, and it will be adaptable for wearing to dinner or doing the school run beforehand.

Depending on your office’s dress code, you might even be able to don your sporty ensembles for work, if you have an eye for swapping out the right pieces before you hit the gym.

When you’re in the changing room you can trade your tailored coat for a hoodie and switch your heels for your favourite stylish running shoes.

The Dos and Don’ts of Gym Style Etiquette

DON’T feel intimidated by scantily-clad gym addicts. Just because she’s wearing a sports bra and tiny shorts and he’s shirtless in low-rise jeans, doesn’t mean your choice of a racer-back vest and ankle-length leggings or joggers is frumpy.

They’ve definitely been in your shoes! Take their impressive figures as inspiration or ignore them completely – they’re probably more interested in their own reflection than you, after all, they worked hard for it.

DO choose trendy trainers but also do your research when it comes to selecting running shoes for beginners. You’ll find our top tips for resolving this quandary below.

DON’T wear cotton. Although 100% cotton is a great choice for a comfortable t-shirt, we’d recommend swerving the fabric while you’re working up a sweat, as it absorbs moisture easily and will stick to your skin. You’ll also feel cold when you stop working out – not ideal if you’re going home to shower.

DO choose handy performance fabrics. Bamboo pulp, nylon, spandex and other moisture-wicking materials will push perspiration to the material’s surface to evaporate, so you won’t feel overly wet when you get going and they tend to be form-fitting too so you don’t have to worry about them getting caught in machines or riding up to show your stomach.

DON’T go shirtless. We mentioned that you might see a few gym bunnies in this particular state of undress, however, this could make you look arrogant and leave others wondering where to look. In the same vein…

DON’T wear a snapback cap. There’s feeling stylish and practical and there’s looking like you aren’t doing anything. Those people never work up a sweat and seem to spend 15 minutes a session taking photos of themselves, before heading to the changing room.

DO make sure you buy the right sizes. Exercise requires an optimistic and can-do state of mind, which can be easily hampered by worries about showing your underwear or self-conscious feelings toward fabric stretched tight across your midriff.

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for Beginners

The best way to choose the right running shoes is to come down to a Wynsors store and take advice from our expert shoe-fitters. However, if you’d rather shop online, there are some essentials that you should look out for:

  1. Shoes should allow your feet to swell. When we run, this is a very common occurrence, so it’s important that there is a thumb’s width of room between your toes and the front of your shoe. 

You should also be able to move your toes up and down comfortably. Taking these kinds of precautions will help ward off blisters and avoid other damage to nails and skin, which will make running more comfortable.

If you’ve already fallen foul to ill-fitting shoes, check out our guide to treating blisters here.

  1. Lightweight, mesh designs will let your feet breathe. In our minds, there’s nothing worse than hot, sweaty feet when you’re working out and this type of design is great for minimising perspiration.
  2. When you bend your foot, the trainer should bend in the same place. This ensures that you and your shoes are working together, and helps to protect your feet from injury.
  3. Your arches should be supported, but not put under pressure. With a well-fitted shoe, you’ll be able to feel your arch resting on the curve of the design but this part of your foot won’t feel constricted, which could lead to cramp.
  4. Comfort is key! At the end of the day, a running shoe must be really comfortable – from the start. There should be no need to go through painful breaking-in periods, as long as you choose a level of padding that leaves your feet feeling supported and cushioned, to avoid muscle damage from impact.

Find a stylish variety of high-performance gym shoes, trainers and running shoes at Wynsors today, and do sports luxe your way. You’re going to destroy that New Year’s resolution!

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