How many pairs of shoes should you own? We crunched the data and here is your answer…


Discover the data behind how many shoes you should own, along with the UK’s most favoured styles.When it comes to shopping, it’s easy to get carried away buying different types of shoes left, right and centre – when there’s a sale on, we don’t blame you!

With so many occasions and dress codes to adhere to it begs the question: how many pairs of shoes do you actually need?

Here at Wynsors World of Shoes, we decided to find out the real shopping habits of people in the UK, as well as dive a little deeper into the types of shoes that are stand-out favourites.

The questions asked ranged from “how many pairs of footwear do you currently have?” and “have you ever bought new shoes rather than clean an existing pair?” to “do you ever judge someone by their shoes when you first meet them?”

Keep reading to find out the answers!

How many pairs of shoes is ‘normal’?

How many shoes does the UK own as a whole, do we actually wear them all. Wynsors has the answersOur new research has revealed some telling truths about shoe-lovers across the UK:

  • We own 864 million pairs of shoes – put end-to-end, they would wrap around the world ten times!
  • 93 million of these only get to see the outside world once a month
  • 37% of the population own two or more pairs of shoes that they’ve never worn
  • The nation’s favourite number of shoes to own is lucky number 13
  • On average, women tend to own seven pairs more than their male counterparts
  • 31% of 18 to 24-year-olds admit that they’ve bought a new pair of shoes instead of cleaning an existing pair

Trainers rule the roost

It’s clear that we Brits have an appreciation for shoes. But which type of shoe is Britain’s favourite?

Once a type of footwear limited to the gym or the race track, the trainer is now well and truly embraced by people up and down the country. Spotted everywhere from high-end fashion houses and catwalks across the globe to the local high streets of the UK, the demand for trainers shows no sign of slowing down, according to Google Trends.Interest in “trainers” continues to grow, according to Google Trends.

36% of workers wear trainers to work on a regular basis, with an even higher 61% thinking it’s acceptable to wear these casual kicks to the office as long as the day is free from more formal business meetings.

What do your shoe choices say about you?

With first impressions being made in as little as one-third of a second, according to a study made by researchers at the University of York, it makes sense that 41% of people judge someone by their shoes upon first meeting.

Weddings or family events, the office, nights out and restaurant visits are shown to be among the top situations in which people expect to see smart shoes or high heels being worn – almost two-thirds of respondents think that smart shoes should always be worn for these occasions.

So, what does the future hold for shoe-lovers? We found that the British public would love to see features such as non-scuff leather, scented insoles and chewing gum-repellent soles incorporated into the footwear of the future. Over one in ten people would also like to see cowboy boots make a comeback – yeehaw!

If you’re wondering what not to wear, white stilettos were found to be the ‘most-hated shoe’, with 40% thinking they shouldn’t be worn.

How to wear the same pair of shoes in multiple ways

Choosing one staple style of shoe to wear for different occasions is ideal to save money and space.Although the different types of shoes in your collection all come down to personal preference, it’s worth thinking carefully about how many pairs of shoes you need.

Heard of a capsule wardrobe? Well, why not have one for your feet too! By picking one staple shoe type and knowing how to style for different occasions, you can cover multiple bases.

Business as usual

As we’ve seen, gone (almost) are the days where formal shoes are expected to be worn daily in the office. This offers the perfect opportunity to try our ‘one shoe, three ways’ philosophy.

For men, we’ve picked out a pair of dark navy desert boots. Try wearing with a crisp, white shirt and matching navy tie for a polished, yet professional look. Our desert boot guide has even more outfit inspiration when it comes to wearing this versatile boot.

When searching for a staple shoe for all occasions, we say an ankle boot with a block heel is a must-have. These embroidered, black boots will ooze sophistication when paired with some smart, black trousers and matching blazer; a subtle pop of colour will never go amiss.

Smart casual chic

Whether you’re going out for a well-deserved drink after work or a shopping trip at the weekend, our chosen shoes are ideal.

The navy desert boots never fail to impress with some skinny jeans and denim jacket, or perhaps experiment with an open shirt on top of a coloured tee for a relaxed, yet edgy vibe.

A pair of ripped jeans and a classic t-shirt is bound to be a winning smart casual look when paired with these suede-look boots.

Friday night fun

Go from day to night with an LBD and sparkly clutch. Team with some matching red lipstick and these ankle boots will prove that they really are made for walking (and dancing!)

Desert boots are ideal for both smart and casual occasions. For a night on the town, wear them with some skinny jeans and a leather jacket for an ultra-cool feel.

How many shoes do you own? Do you wish for the return of the cowboy boot? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook! Find your perfect capsule shoe today with a huge range of cheap shoes for men and women online at Wynsors.

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