Everything you need to know about North Face shoes


Your Ultimate Guide to North Face ShoesIf you’re on the lookout for footwear that’ll help you conquer whatever the elements throw at you, then The North Face shoes are perfect for the job.

Not only is North Face footwear renowned around the world for being hardwearing and enduring, but it also offers style and comfort too – so it gives you the very best of both worlds. One of the true originals, The North Face is one of those footwear brands that has consistently evolved and continually innovated over time.

At Wynsors, we’re proud to stock a great range of boots and trainers from this esteemed brand. And to help you find the right products, we’ve made this handy guide.

The North Face: The history 

The history behind The North Face – how the brand got startedThe North Face’s name gives away its origins. According to the brand itself, the north face of a mountain (in the northern hemisphere at least) is generally its coldest side – and so the name reflects the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and being fully prepared for taking on even the most unforgiving conditions.

In actual fact, however, the brand was founded in 1966 in the rather more warm and welcoming climate of San Francisco by two devoted hiking enthusiasts. Ever since then, it’s been expanding its product range so that everyone from mountaineers to skiers to runners is better equipped to push their own performance beyond what was previously thought possible.

The brand is, as you’d expect, massively popular with outdoor athletes of all sorts and after more than half a century, it’s going stronger than ever. The North Face aims to “push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration” – which sounds like a pretty solid mission statement to us.

Just how popular are North Face shoes?

To give us a better idea of just how popular North Face shoes are, here at Wynsors we decided to take a closer look at the numbers. Let’s see what Google Trends shows us about the popularity of North Face footwear:

Consistent interest in North Face shoes over the last few yearsAs we can see, there has been consistent interest in North Face shoes over the last few years.

One thing that’s worth noting here is that there tend to be noticeable spikes in interest in the autumn, when the colder weather starts to set in. A sturdy pair of North Face walking shoes certainly makes a great Christmas gift!

If we look at where North Face shoes are most popular, we find that they’re pretty consistently sought after across a range of different continents, but particularly so in North America – which makes sense, as this is from where the brand originates.

North Face shoes are popular across a range of different continents, but particularly so in North America.

What are the advantages of choosing North Face shoes?

As we’ve already touched on, one of the key advantages of North Face footwear is sheer durability. This is one thing that the brand prides itself on.

The main characteristics you can expect from North Face walking boots, shoes and trainers is a high-grip, high-traction sole, highly effective waterproofing and quick-drying outer materials, so that if you’re hitting the hiking trail you’ll be able to navigate muddy and wet conditions while also ensuring that your feet stay dry and warm.

What The North Face aims to do with its footwear is enable you to tackle even the toughest outdoor conditions without sacrificing comfort – or style, for that matter. Combining exceptional endurance with real attention to detail, North Face shoes are perfect for the dedicated hiker and the more casual explorer alike.

Who wears North Face shoes?

Who wears North Face shoesThe North Face has been endorsed by a wide range of leading athletes and outdoor explorers. These include leading climbers Ashima Shiraishi (the first woman and youngest person to climb Japan’s V15) and Margo Hayes, snowboarder Jake Blauvelt, mountaineer Jimmy Chin, endurance runner Hillary Allen and veteran Alpine climber Pete Athans.

Of course, you don’t have to be a rock-climbing, marathon-running, mountaineering, all-action powerhouse to appreciate the style and endurance of North Face shoes. But these endorsements give you some idea of just why the brand, like its shoes, has stood the test of time and why it has such a strong reputation. Because North Face footwear is built for the toughest conditions, you can rely on it not to let you down.

How well do North Face trainers fit?

North Face walking shoes are renowned for their comfort as well as their durability, so when you buy a pair, you can have confidence that they’ll fit snugly.

Having said that, as this is a US brand, North Face shoes are often converted directly from US sizes. At Wynsors, we take care of this for you. If you want to be doubly sure, head down to your local Wynsors store and get your feet professionally measured.

You can’t underestimate the importance of having your feet measured properly.

Where to buy North Face footwear

At Wynsors, we’ve got an eclectic range of stylish, hardwearing and cheap North Face shoes for you to choose from. Whatever your chosen outdoor pursuit – whether you’re taking to the trails or you’re heading out for a quick run – you’ll find a pair that works perfectly for you right here. Take a look at our full collection of North Face shoes today to see just what we’ve got to offer.

And remember, if you have any further questions about North Face footwear, please get in touch with the experts at Wynsors for helpful, friendly and knowledgeable advice.

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