The complete guide to Kickers school shoes: How they’ve stood the test of time

Kickers school shoes for boys and girls

If you’re a parent buying Kickers school shoes for your child this year, chances are that you remember Kickers footwear ruling the playground when you were at school too.

As a proud supplier of Kickers, we sell an excellent range of great-value styles, and we’ve decided to create a complete guide centred on this enduring brand; exploring everything from its history to its sizing, but best of all, we’ll look at who and what has made Kickers remain so popular over the years.

Read on for everything you wanted to know about Kickers.

A history of Kickers shoes

Though Kickers are a big player in the school shoes world in particular, the brand was born in 1970 with the aim to create stylish footwear that could be worn confidently by anyone and everyone. As they still are today!

However, when it came to designing the original pair of Kickers shoes, French designer Daniel Raufast was inspired by spirited students in Paris and, legend would have it, a poster for the musical Hair – on which youths were wearing casual blue jeans without shoes – to create a boot specifically designed for wear with jeans.

We imagine that he was unaware it was history in the making, when he decided to not only create the shoes to go with denim, but also to use denim to inspire the design.

He imagined a unique, contrasting triple-stitch as well as engraved eyelets to mirror those seen on jeans – garments which were particularly well-loved at the time.

Alongside the ‘hot-branded’ logo, the small fabric label and the classic floral tag or ‘fleurette’, these nostalgic qualities are the signifiers that make people all over the world recognise a pair of Kickers today.

In 1975, the brand created the Kick Hi, which remains their most popular style to date, and which is still well-coveted across the world. Available for men, women and children, you can see why this versatile design resonates with so many!

Iconic Kickers design qualities include the fleurette tag and triple-stitching

Why are Kickers shoes so popular?

Thanks to 40-plus years of high street exposure and superior design, the Kickers brand name is synonymous with durability and high quality, and as such, customer confidence is a given!

Buyers know that Kickers shoes are always manufactured to a high standard, with leather uppers for durability – and though they may not always be the cheapest option, they are usually reasonably-priced and built to last.

Also, we mustn’t forget the Kickers Kommitment.

Every style of Kickers school shoes are meticulously checked to ensure that they are fit for playground wear – that includes over 50 different tests!

Last but not least though, there are plenty of celebrity fans who have endorsed the brand, assuring children that Kickers are the most trendy school shoes out there.

From David Bowie and Elton John who featured in ads during the ‘70s to The Stone Roses who wore Kickers in their Fools Gold music video and introduced the brand to the ‘90s indie-rock subculture.

In testament to the fact that truly stylish shoes can be worn in a myriad of ways, the noughties saw Kickers take to the stage again on the feet of R&B and hip hop artists like Ms Dynamite and So Solid Crew, who gave Kick Hi shoes an entirely different lease of life.

The Kickers Kommitment to making playground-proof school shoes

Are Kickers shoes growing in popularity?

There’s no denying that Kickers shoes are playground staples that are here to stay for the foreseeable future!

Thanks to Google Trends data, we also know that interest in Kickers shoes peaks around the back-to-school period every year, and that the number of people searching for terms like “Kickers shoes” increases steadily each year. This year though, interest is set to spike like never before!

Google Trends data shows that Kickers shoes searches peak during back-to-school.

Where are Kickers shoes most popular?

A dig around on Google Trends shows us that Liverpool has the highest number of searches for Kickers shoes, of all the cities in the world!

So, is Liverpool the unofficial home of Kickers?

We’d say so, though perhaps those brand aficionados in Manchester would like to give the Liverpudlians a run for their money! As the Google Trends map shows, there’s also a lot of people searching for Kickers shoes in London and Birmingham.

Google Trends data shows that Kickers shoes are most popular in Liverpool.

Trending shoes for school 2020

For an idea of what’s cool on the playground, look to the Fragma S piped-seam moccasin for boys, which is one of our most popular Kickers styles this year.

When it comes to girls’ options for 2020, the Fragma Pop is another great choice. In a stylish Mary-Jane design, it is smart, simplistic and durable to boot.

Kickers Fragma Pop
Kickers Fragma Strap

Infants’, kids’ and teenage School Shoes

Which Kickers shoes are most suitable for school?

As they produce a variety of traditional, plain black leather styles, you’ll find that lots of Kickers shoes are ideal. Check out our range of girls’ school shoes and boys’ school shoes at Wynsors today and you’ll find an array of appropriate styles to choose from (not just from Kickers).

Don’t forget, if you’re shopping for older kids, you can explore our collections of older girls’ school shoes, and men’s school shoes too.

Kickers sizing

Are Kickers shoes true to size?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer to this question, due to every brand fitting shoes in a different way, and also making them in different countries!

What we can tell you is that Kickers shoes are sold in EU sizes as the brand is French, so at Wynsors, every effort is taken to convert this back in to the most relevant UK size using Kickers’ own conversion.

If you’re still unsure about how we convert European sizes into UK sizes, you can check out our handy conversion chart.

Where to buy Kickers

Where is the best place to buy Kickers shoes for your child this back-to-school season? At Wynsors World of Shoes of course!

With our Growth Spurt Guarantee, you can rest assured that you child’s shoes will be the right size come September, even if you bought them earlier in the summer break. If they don’t, we’ll swap unworn shoes for a bigger size before term time!

Do you have any more burning questions about this iconic shoe brand? Pop over to our Facebook page to speak to our team of friendly experts! Shop the fantastic range of Kickers shoes for adults and kids right here at Wynsors.


  1. FRagma pop.
    I’d like to point out these are still asymmetric shoe tips, which is very important for healthy feet where other manufacturers are trying to make round or pointy shoe tips giving children hallux toes and ingrown toenail. Two negatives: 1st these are NOT scuff resistant which is poor among the price competition e.g. clarks, 2nd they seems to be made for very fat feet. We are slim people from Central Europe and we’ve had to add very thick insoles otherwise our daughter feet were loose and rubbing under ankles.


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