Your safety saviours: The best work boots for any task at hand


Browse through our list of the best work boots for reliable safety and protection.

Construction worker? Plumbing mastermind? Or roofing guru?

Whatever your job title, reliable footwear on the field should always be front of mind – after all, injure your feet and you’ll be forced to wave adios to rewarding graft and trade-related banter.

So, where should you start on your quest to unearthing the best men’s work boots for your safety needs? If you’re new to the PPE realm, our comprehensive guide to safety footwear laws, regulations and abbreviations will bring you up to speed so you can get shopping!

We’ve put together a list of our best-selling boots, offering an array of innovative design features to help carry you through the working day unscathed. Keep scrolling for a wallet-friendly assortment of comfortable, robust and reliable footwear that’ll help you to smash your daily checklist.

Best for: incredible value for money

Our first pick offers high-quality protection at a dazzling price, but have no qualms about their suspiciously great value; these boots are just as functional as they are affordable.

Starting with the all-important steel-toe cap, the SB/SRC Tradesafe Bulldoze boots live up to their name with a pierce-resistant midsole and Goodyear-welted outsole for total security and resistance for where daily tasks are concerned.

A clever combination of synthetic fabrics and leather make these shoes highly versatile, levelling up their durability and making them a fit worthy of challenging conditions. The honey-hued suede or black leather effortlessly aligns these boots with the unspoken style codes of the construction site, too.

These supportive, steel-toe safety boots from Tradesafe are incredible value.

Best for: standing all day and ankle support

On your feet for long periods of time? If so, we’d vote for these Magnum Panther 8.0s as the best – and most comfortable – safety boots for standing all day. Breathable, hard-wearing mesh panels and an extended, padded ankle collar will bless your feet with support from first wear, making them a must-buy for police officers, emergency service workers and security guards.

Protection-wise, these boots have an incredible catalogue of design qualities which make them truly excellent. Tested & certified to European Standard EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA, the Magnum 8.0s utilise a fully replaceable, moulded EVA insole for underfoot cushioning, as well as a shock-absorbing midsole and high-traction slip and oil-resistant outsole for ultimate grip.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, you’ll also benefit from their fast-wicking lining for longer boot freshness, easy-access YKK side zip, and reinforced TPU toe box and heel counter for added reliance.

The Magnum Panther 8.0s are a must-buy for those on their feet all day.

Best for: lightweight and flexible wear

Sturdy safety boots can often overcompensate with gimmicky features that leave them feeling heavy and uncomfortable. For jobs where medium protection is on the agenda, these Tradesafe Scaffold safety boots are a dream for all-day wear, minus the unnecessary fatigue.

Aside from being noticeably vibrant with their contrasting navy and yellow zig-zag design, these visible boots are crafted from durable suede, boasting a moisture-wicking fabric lining.

These SB/SRA boots have also mastered simplicity with their ergonomic design for a conveniently brilliant fit. A lightweight rubber sole and spacious footbed give feet the freedom of movement and flexibility for jobs on the move, but a reinforced steel toe is thoughtfully placed for protection when you need it.

These colourful Tradesafe Scaffold safety boots are great for added visibility.

Best for: no-fuss, steel-toe protection

If you’re looking for the best safety boots to get the job done with minimal fuss, the Tradesafe Builds sport affordable protection that no one can turn their nose up at.

Starting with an MTV-style tour of their exterior, this pair uses a coated leather upper for water-resistance when unpredictably damp conditions can’t be avoided. Rust-proof hardware is home to laces which run to the top of the boot for an adjustable yet secure closure.

For the cherry on top, these work boots feature an SCR non-slip synthetic sole and SB-standard steel-toe protection to complete a reliable boot with a simplistic, classic design to match the rough ‘n’ readiness of any jobsite.

A pair of simplistic steel-toes, like these Tradesafe Builds, are ideal for any job.

Best for: high protection from every angle

Next up, the S3 SRA-tested Tradesafe Drill boots. Yet another Tradesafe pick makes it onto our bestsellers list – and easy to see why. With a similar vibe to the Magnum Panthers, they have an almost-indestructible appearance with their above-ankle protection and fluid lacing system.

Constructed with a coated leather upper and nylon mesh side panels, their water-resistant exterior is no match for even the toughest outdoor conditions. Couple this with a high-protection steel toe cap and midsole, rest assured that the Tradesafe Drills are the best men’s work boots if your job requires hardcore protection.

Anti-static, energy-absorbing, non-slip and oil-resistant; not only do they boast a long list of impressive qualities, these functional boots couple comfort with flair in the form of thick, padded collars for a supportive fit and reduced rubbing around the ankle on long shifts.

These Tradesafe Drill boots offer hardcore protection with steel toe cap and midsole.

Best for: comfortable safety boots in disguise

The Tradesafe Construct boots will undoubtedly prompt a double take. With the hybrid silhouette of a Chelsea boot, this pair exudes a look classic and cool enough to wear socially.

These sleek, easy-on-the-eye shoes also pack a punch when it comes to protection. A slip-resistant SRC sole welcomes wet conditions and liquid hazards with open arms, while a strong, steel toe cap is on hand to protect your toes against up to 200 joules of impact.

Such tough protection doesn’t sacrifice comfort though by any means; a coated leather upper, elasticated gusset and heel pull tab execute an ergonomic masterpiece that’s delightfully easy to slip on and wear during an overtime shift. Make sure you check stock in your local store though, as these affordable beauties have flown off our online shelves!

Opt for these Tradesafe Chelsea boots for protection and style in one.

Do you agree with our selection of the best steel-toe boots? If you have a favourite pair that deserves a place in the spotlight, we’d love to hear from you – let us know on Facebook! Browse other quality styles with our range of affordable safety boots for men, here.

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