Go Walk 2 - Linear


Supremely comfortable, and although they are 'textile' (a sort of fake nubuck) they are fine in light rain....

Date Added: 11/16/2016 by Christine Brandon

This will be the third pair of these shoes I have bought I have really painful feet, have had both Bunions operated on, but since I've found these shoes I'm walking on air. I walk a lot as I have a dog who needs quite a bit of exercise as well. I use my first pair for dog walking, the second pair to walkout, and this last pair is for when of the other pairs wear out. They are great, so light in weight, and have kept their shape despite getting soaking wet very often on the wet grass and in the rain on our dog walks. But BEST of all they don't have seams round the toes to rub. With the £5 off this time it was the right time to buy them....

Date Added: 08/29/2016 by Cyndy Spicer

These shoes are really comfortable and a nice fit and leather so will be able to wear in the rain.

Date Added: 08/11/2016 by Michele Parrish