Womens Evening Shoes

Party season is nearly upon us and the time of year when we seductively undo a couple of buttons of our inhibitions, glam it up to the max and party, party, party. So as Boots run their ‘Here Come the Girls’ ads and everyone gasps at the pretentious lengths fragrance commercials reach in the run up Christmas. And once Slade start to creep up the charts you know it is time to start thinking about that all important party outfit. Tis the season to not only be jolly but put on your party shoes and hit the dance floor like your life depends on it. So as you work out what to wear remember the all important question what do you need apart from a killer outfit? Killer accessories, of course. And the queen of accessories? That’ll be your shoes, then.
When it comes to dressing for the occasion ladies shoes can pretty much make or break an outfit and choosing the right pair can dress things up or dress them down depending on your mood, and the venue. Think strappy, sparkly heels to work that ever so sexy dress, jeans or leggings for that matter. Or try on trend flats and ballerinas for a casual and contemporary look. There is no end of choice at many stores like, for example, Wynsors World of Shoes, where you can shop to your hearts content. Try cage detail sandals with skyscraper heels to give an edgy and uber sexy look. Maybe diamante ballerinas are more your thing. Or maybe ladies court shoes suit your festive mood. Girls, you are in charge so if a style crossover works then get out there and work it.
Remember just about anything goes and everything works so long as you have the confidence to wear it and for this year it is all about sparkle; with sequins and metallics being much in evidence. From glittery adaptations on the little black dress through rock chic sequins leggings, T shirts and bat wing tops to full on coloured sequins sparkles. We also have a great range of ladies dress sandals that work also. But as purse strings, even sequins ones, are likely to be quite tight given the current economic climate one thrifty option would be to dress up an existing outfit with a bit of sparkle. Use a sequins shrug or a totally the thing you absolutely must be wearing a glittery boyfriend blazer, along with some couture style shoes from the high street. Hey presto you’ve updated one of your wardrobe classics ready for another set of works dos, family parties and random nights out with your friends.
It is widely recognised that Most dangerous by far is the work’s do; Littered as they are with potential faux pas moments and embarrassing meetings brought on by a heady cocktail of over exuberance booze and party tune favourites. Picture the scene you are stood there in your finery, having got changed in the loos at work, and you spot the guy you have been avoiding the gaze of since the last do where you got a bit tipsy and may just have danced in a slightly alluring manner towards, lets call him Steve from accounts, there ready to make his move in his ever so wacky Santa hat and Crimbo tie you get that primeval almost irresistible fight or flight urge. Resist both the desire to belt him and your twitching feet wanting propel you away from danger, chances are he will be asleep in the corner by 10.30 with said hat placed over his ‘man area’ by his ever so wacky mates anyway. Add to that the danger of telling someone in senior management what you really think of them after one too many tequila slammers and you can see there is a potential social and career minefield unfolding before you.
But hey, you look good and the night is young and it’s nearly Christmas so brave the festive food, dismiss the unwanted advances and keep your corporate advice to yourself for the night so you can get out on the dance floor in your drop dead gorgeous heels or flats for that matter and party till the wee small hours.


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