School Shoe Guide

Guide to Buying Shoes for School

Whether itís for girls or boys buying school shoes is never easy. Not only do they need to look good they need to be as tough as old boots to survive so here is our guide to buying the perfect pair of school shoes.

Letís start with the boys.† Donít for a minute think that boys are any less concerned with fashion than their female counterparts, oh no. They are more brand and style aware than your average fashion journalist and will only settle for either latest brands like Pod, Ikon, Lacoste, Nike and Kickers or the coolest new looks like low profiles, slip ons and touch and close style fastening; after all who wants to waste valuable play time with laces? Make sure when you measure your childrenís feet you do it in the afternoon (Use the Wynsors handy printable foot measure) this also applies when they try on shoes as everyoneís feet are bigger in the afternoon because they swell during the day. In this way you will get a better, more comfortable fit and a happier, more comfortable child.

When it comes to fashion girls start younger and younger and it is your job to temper this enthusiasm for everything cool new and fashionable with something that will also keep the Head teacher happy. Try a rounded toe ballerina style or a wedge heel to keep things fashionable yet understated enough to pass inspection. There are also more sporty styles that are great for playground games but still follow school rules. Remember the measuring and trying on rule do this in the afternoon and wear the same socks or whatever that your child will be wearing with the shoes.

†It would also be a good idea to check with school before you make your purchase as some schools are much stricter than others when it comes to school shoes and it is much better to find out their rules before you buy than when you turn up at the school gates. Remember also one golden rule no matter how grumpy your kids get about school shoes they need to be, Iím going to say itÖ sensible. Yes there can be some details that give a hint of style and fashion but these shoes have a tough job to do and, if they are part of a uniform, not shout out too loudly.† Itís worth noting that many schools, especially infant and junior schools, also ask for kids to have wellies for winter and going on field trips. Then there are school pumps (Remember them?) needed for a whole host of sporting activity, pretty much.

Follow some simple rules about fitting and practicality with a dash of style and you should get your school shoes sorted with out too much fuss or tantrums from you or the kids.