These are the slippers that I normally purchase because I find that they last an awful long time. Further they are extremely comfortable and after a short period of time they mould to your feet and become easy to slip on. All around a comfortable, long lasting, and tough slipper which is practically "Puppy Proof"...

Date Added: 02/06/2016 by Arthur Parsons

good, comfortable, good value for the price.recommended

Date Added: 08/17/2015 by phillip jones

I have purchased these slippers over several years and find them extremely comfortable and long lasting. These slippers last me so long that I cannot give a definite accurate date of my last purchase, however I am sure that it is in the region 2 years past. Taking comfort, durability and price I would recommend these slippers unreservedly. I hope this helps; best regards Arthur...

Date Added: 05/29/2015 by Arthur Parsons