1 star is to good for these. I bought a pair as they looked comfortable and non-slip. They were comfy but far from non slip, as for quality...... Put it this way they only lasted 2 months, the tread wore off the soles, the leather cracked and they came away at the side. I took these back to the store and they were sent away to be tested, got a reply today to say that the quality was fine and that there were no problems with them. DO NOT BUY THESE SAFETY SHOES AS THEY WONT LAST.......

Date Added: 07/13/2016 by Lee fiddler

Bought this for work because it says: slip resistant outsole. But it is very slip on the wet sureface,safety shoes become unsafety. So bring back to the store, but refused refund or exchange. because it has been weared and the slip resistant is not guaranteed. So avoid it,because nothing is guaranteed....

Date Added: 06/11/2015 by andy an