Dennis 2

Croft Originals Dennis 2

Leonard Sanford - Date Added: 18/09/2015

good fit and keen amazing @ less than 24 hours



Knights Lynx

Nick Jay - Date Added: 17/09/2015

Well my slippers arrived quickly by courier as usual and I immediately took out a pair to wear. Whilst they weren't as 'soft' and 'wooly' inside as I'd been led to think from the product description, they aren't too bad, especially considering the price and seem to be quite sturdy. I find the top around my ankle on my right leg started to rub and get sore somewhat, although I have problems with swelling in that leg so maybe in future I'd order a larger size to hopefully compensate for that. So all in all, considering they were only a fiver a pair, I don't have too much to complain about. After all, you get what you pay for and for the price, they are very good value in my opinion. They look smart and have sturdy soles. I even wear them outside, although what they'd be like in the wet, I've no idea as yet....



Red Tape Gobi

George Dorgan - Date Added: 16/09/2015

These are nice-looking black suede boots and they're comfortable. The first time I wore them I probably walked five or six miles and no problems. These are good at the price....



Comfisole Percy

Allen Moore - Date Added: 16/09/2015

Very quick delivery and the shoes feel very light.



Comfisole Freddy

Thirugnanam Sureshan - Date Added: 16/09/2015

It's very good for the price my son love it . For school use and party use its good for kids



Business Class Lloyd

Robert Ellison - Date Added: 15/09/2015

Service good, delivered on time and shoes great. No problems at all and will use again.