Guide to Buying Womens Boots

Buying Boots for Winter

Boots are an essential in any womenís wardrobe.† Stylish and practical, especially in Autumn and Winter, boots are essential fashion items that every girl should have.†

Simple, really, just decide on a budget decide on a style and away you go, yes?† No, give some thought firstly to what you will be doing. Running for the bus should not be attempted in those; gorgeous, ever so high heel, over knee boots you saw. You can still get them but if you want a long leg boot for everyday go below the knee with a lower heel or maybe even a wedge heel boot to keep things at the right level of glam for daytime.† With long leg boots remember your calves I know for some this is a painful thing to remember, but this is as important as your shoe size. There are several brands that offer a wider calf measurement in fashionable styles of both ankle and long leg boots including Ann Harvey and Comfort Plus so that you can look the bees knees and still keep circulation in your lower leg!†

Military boots are big this year and basically find a pair you like, at a price you want to pay and itís as simple as that.† Snug casual sheepskin effect boots are much the same when it comes to choosing a pair: Price? Tick! Ankle or long leg? Tick! Colour? Tick! And you have your boots. Biker boots continue the masculine influence seen in the military boot. Key details to look for here are buckles for this season.

Boots can be glamorous; boots can be functional. Boots can be what you want them to be so remember when you are choosing a pair you need to be aware what you want them for. Then you can enjoy wearing your boots and enjoy winter fashion in comfort and style.