Guide to Buying Summer Shoes

A Guide to Buying Summer shoes.

The first thing to say is that depends on what sort of summer we think we are going to get! Will we have a typically British mix of sunshine and showers, with a week of baking hot temperatures, that finish just before the schools break up, immediately plunging the whole country in to a hosepipe ban until September? Or will this summer be like the last few punctuated by extreme weather, floods oh and possibly some snow? We’ll have too much sun or too much rain BBQ summers will be hinted at, and once again we’ll all become experts in the effects of the jet stream, El Nino and La Nina, sun spots and all the rest. Having looked at many long range predictions for the summer in order to do some research for this; I can confidently tell you that no one has the first clue and whatever kind of summer you want you can pretty much find a prediction to match.   

So bearing this in mind for the UK your footwear choice needs to be tinged with a hint of pragmatism and in general the rule of thumb would be keep it light weight and cool. The ubiquitous flip flop or the open toe sandal will still feature heavily for men and women especially in the urban environment. But for most this will be the preserve of the already mentioned pre drought heat wave or when you head off on your holidays. Please remember when it comes to sandals and even if you saw lots of images in the glossies last summer of celebs at festivals socks are an absolute no, no. This is especially true for men who will just end up looking like their slightly creepy uncle; a summer fashion look to be avoided, unless you are someone’s slightly creepy uncle in which case go ahead and rock that look.

Speaking of fashion, for summer shoes can be quite varied and this year your choice stretches from Gladiator sandals that were huge last year and are set to be so again to clogs and wedges to give this summer a strong ‘70’s feel. Right through to espadrilles which are also set to make a big comeback this summer, Club Tropicana here we come ladies and gents. For the kids the choices are as wide as they are for the adults with all manner of sandals, trainers and brightly coloured kid’s clogs.              

Even the humble welly is guaranteed a summer outing these days thanks to festival chic/torrential downpours. But take care to avoid ‘welly leg’ caused by chafing of the calf by the top of the welly. It’s rather sore so take precautions and wear long socks or as alternative buy hiking or walking boots, which are great all day round wear for festivals. You could even stay in your walking boots for the entire 3 days of your average festival. But if you do, it would be advisable not to then remove them in your car before you set off home unless you happen to have a NATO issue gas mask to hand, oh and no friends anywhere near.

So it’s over to you now to go out and enjoy the summer, after all it’ll soon be Christmas!