Football Boot Guide

A Guide to Buying Football Boots

You know the feeling pull on some new football boots and you are instantly transformed in to Lionel Messi as opposed to just plain messy?† Sadly it doesnít work like that, it would be nice if it did but no it wonít happen.

However, the choice of boots is important and first up is what are they for?† Football, yes but what surface do you play on?† Indoor football trainers like the legendary Adidas Samba for sports hall surfaces astro-turf shoes are for synthetic grass surfaces, moulded sole for hard to medium ground versus screw in studs for soft ground each surface has a specific type of shoe that is best suited to it and a good pair of boots or Ďastrosí will keep you comfortable improve your performance and protect your feet no matter what level you play at.

Next comes ensuring they fit you correctly if you are a two pair of socks player then make sure you wear a similar set when you try on your new boots and donít rely on them stretching as the new synthetic performance materials many boots are made of donít Ďgiveí like leather so an out of the box comfortable fit is preferable to the wear Ďem in approach. Too big can lead to blisters and makes you more prone to injury too small will cause you just as much damage and pain.† Brand choice can also affect fit with Adidas traditionally being a narrower fit than Nike with other brands like Puma and Reebok somewhere in the middle. †If they feel comfortable and are a supportive, snug fit then they will give you a stable platform on which to play your football. And for kids this is doubly important to ensure that their still forming and growing feet are protected. Remember there is no need to spend a fortune and many own label brands such as Turf 90 from Wynsors offer good quality football boots and astro turf trainers for a fraction of the cost of the big brands.††

Once you have chosen make sure you look after your purchase too when your boots get muddy clean them brush off the worst of the mud then wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow them to dry naturally with newspaper inside to retain their shape and make sure they donít crack or split then they should stay in tip top condition all season and beyond. Whether you are a weekend warrior or take your football a bit more seriously making the right choice when it comes to what you put on your feet is one of the most important decisions you are likely to make this football season.