Fila. Fila is the embodiment of European sports style and has been for many years. Buy yourself a piece of Italian style today at

Fila was started in 1911 by the Fila brothers in the shadow of the Italian Alps. Its original focus was on making fabrics in Biella, Italy. The brand grew from fabric production into making undergarments and ultimately sportswear by the early 70s. Fila has since gone on to establish itself as a very successful global sportswear brand. This reputation and status attracted the likes of Bjorn Borg, Tom Watson, Reinhold Messner and Alberto Tomba to name but a few. Many of the new crop of tennis stars have also taken the Fila brand to heart

For over three decades, Fila has been synonymous with European tennis in particular and luxury. One of the most sought-after brands in the tennis world, Fila gained its notoriety by extending its influence beyond the duration of events. The brand is dedicated to the lifelong athlete and supports this platform by building long-term relationships. The goal of all sponsorships and events is to create a love affair with the game.

Fila continues its full commitment to its heritage sport, tennis, through the title sponsorships of several opens worldwide and continues to be one of the most stylish and fashionable brands in the world.


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