Artwood Low


Great pair of shoes and out of my 6 pairs of Vans, they're the first ones not to cripple me for 2 weeks! Here is the bit I can't even rate though! I ordered the shoes online, they arrived the next day! Super excited to try them on and break them in, I put one on! Fitted great, a size 6, right foot! Now I pull out the second shoe and instantly know there's something wrong, I looked and I had been sent a size 4.5!! Not a chance will I squeeze my foot in there! Then to add to my dissapointment, not only had I got 2 different sizes I had 2 Shoes both for my RIGHT foot! I just thought what idiot can screw up that badly!! I then spent an hour and a half trying to find the nearest store to exchange the shoes! And apologised on behalf of the idiots at head office. Luckily the store staff were great and managed to exchange them in store! But seriously, 2 right feet in 2 different sizes. You need to go back to shoes school!...

Date Added: 10/28/2016 by jessica turver