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Discover brilliant boy’s school pumps at Wynsors, available to buy online now! We have a great selection of pumps in a variety of styles and colours. All of which are ideal to use at school for P.E and other activities.

Boys pumps are an essential for infant and junior school life, with usually several pairs being used throughout the school year. Though it might not seem it, the cost of school pumps can quickly add up so we are offering you good quality pumps that are affordable and durable so you have more money for the rest of the school uniform, such as school shoes.

Choose from a variety of styles such as lace up, Velcro and slip-on available in white, grey and black. Boy’s school pumps are, in many schools, a compulsory requirement for games and sports related lessons, so when you’re buying school pumps you know they will be used frequently and therefore might need to be changed regularly. If you buy from Wynsors this isn’t an issue as all our pumps are available at some of the lowest prices on the web!


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