6 Ways to Nail the Big 2017 Festival Fashion Trends without Breaking the Bank


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So, you’ve paid a million pounds for your festival ticket, now just to ensure that you have a couple of multi-purpose outfits for dancing, sitting on shoulders – the whole shebang (it’s not an easy job but somebody has to do it).

And, they just need to fit in a rucksack, earn you endless festival style points and be comfy enough for a LONG day of walking around in a field. Oh, and of course, you’ll need to have money left over to buy food and keep yourself alive while you’re in said field, so you need festival fashion that doesn’t upset your debit card too badly too.

A tall order? Yes. Impossible? No. Not when your fashion-savvy family at Wynsors are on side.

We’ve taken SS17 trends, celebrity style from the recent Coachella Festival in the US (among others), and we’ve identified the best six ways to inject 2017 cool into your easy-to-wear wardrobe.

From affordable festival footwear to the best accessories to set off your outfit, read on for our top tips!

6. Fringe

Fringing and tassels resolutely come back into fashion again and again, which isn’t surprising, because we all just adore getting our hippy on for a few days before we have to return to real life. In 2017, there’s so much fringing around that even the fringing has fringing. This year, bigger is better and your tassels take centre stage.

Go minimalist with a slogan tee, denim hot pants and a sleek, tie-pull handbag. It holds your face wipes, your festival map and complements this season’s western focus too.


Truffle Casey Tassle BootWynsors Amelie Tassle Bag

5. It’s all a bit hairy

When it comes to your crowning glory, learning to master space buns, plait crowns or fishtail plaits will turn a basic outfit around in minutes and keep you looking stylish every day without shower access.

Who needs to waste valuable pennies on headdresses and flower crowns anyway? You’ll only lose them on day one.

4. The pleasure in athleisure

Embrace your athletic side with a nod to the sports luxe trend. Ever noticed how comfortable you are at the gym once you’ve stopped screaming internally and reminding yourself of motivational slogans in your mind?

The merging of activewear and streetwear means you can be exercise-comfortable and look cool as a cucumber simultaneously. Pick up a low-key sports bra in black or white, create a contrast with a luxury textile-like leather or velvet and don your best fashion trainers. Easy, comfortable, cool and low-cost. Winning.

Adidas Cloudfoam Womens TrainersNike Free Run Womens Trainers

3. Gladiator sandals

You’ve read a tonne of guides that tell you what to wear to a festival, so we’re not going to spell out the benefits of taking wellies rather than pumps. Spoiler: you’ll have dry feet even if it rains.

What we will do though, is tell you how to snap up the go-to festival shoes of the season – seen on every celeb in 2017 – with a steal of a price tag. You’ll find metallics, tribal prints and embellishment – all of the below styles and more – in the Wynsors collection of gladiator sandals. Better yet, they’re all available for less than £20. Bargain.

Dolcis Celina SandalApache Tribal Sandal


For good measure, we’d suggest taking a pair of wellington boots with you too. You know, in case your tootsies really can’t handle the cold after 12 hours outside. Opt for classic, understated black, or a wild splash of leopard print, and choosing a sensible shoe just got a lot more interesting.

Platino Carnival WelliePlatino Fab Ankle Wellie

2. Cravats

Not to be complete fashion victims, but Kendall Jenner pointed out that chokers are dead in January and really, we can’t fault her observation. They’ve almost become a style uniform and it’s time to mix things up.

Personally, we’re loving cravats and neck scarves for the next big thing, à la Selena Gomez. Pick up a pretty handkerchief – there’s no way it needs to cost more than a fiver – and learn how to tie it here.

1. The skin you’re in

Your skin is your most versatile accessory – wear it with pride! Lady Gaga is one of many inspirations you can look to if you’re hopping on the bright shadow and facial glitter bandwagons.

Which festival are you heading to this year? Chat to us on Facebook today and let us know which trends you’ll be working in 2017!


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