How to avoid summer shoe disasters: A blogger’s guide


With summer just around the corner, here at Wynsors, our thoughts have turned to sun, sea, sand and open-toe sandals! To ensure we’re all putting our best feet forward, we spoke to a number of fashion bloggers about their footwear styles and asked for their tips on how to avoid footwear failures this summer season.

Emma from What Emma Did

Emma-blogger-at-what-emma-didWhat styles of footwear are your favourite and why?

When it comes to footwear, it depends on the occasion. For everyday wear – which for me includes going to work in an office and usually meeting friends afterwards or heading to events – I need a smart shoe with a little heel which goes nicely with both a dress and tights and fitted skinny jeans. Due to this, my favourite type of footwear to suit my everyday life is a nice classic shoe boot with a small heel or a stylish small heeled ankle boot.

What are your top footwear faux pas and why?

  1. Try to avoid tights with an open toe. Sometimes, you can get away with this if the open toe is really small and not very visible (and your shoes and tights are both black!). But then if you get away with it once, you’ll try it again and fall into the habit of wearing it when it’s a little too obvious.
  2. Socks really aren’t meant to be seen… especially not novelty ones! Try and make them as less obvious as possible.
  3. If you’re a small or petite person, try and avoid clumpy boots. These will make you look ‘all-feet’.

What celebrities do you follow for footwear inspiration and why?

It has to be Olivia Palermo, who seems to pair every outfit with caged sandals and look incredible every time. Sometimes I worry caged sandals and heels with lots of straps involved can look messy and clash with my outfit, but Olivia Palermo rocks this look every time. No matter what occasion she turns up to, she has a classy pair of heels in place every time.

Jade from The Style Rawr!

Jade-blogger-at-the-style-rawr!What styles of footwear are your favourite and why?

Boots, boots, boots! They’re just so flexible and can be worn all year round. I love wearing little ankle boot styles in the summer with shorts and dresses.

What are your top footwear faux pas and why?

  1. Heels that are too high to handle. Heels should give you a sexy little strut, not totally hinder your mobility!
  2. Uncared for heel tips. You’re ruining your shoes, re-heel them!
  3. Gaping knee boots. If you’re blessed with thin pins, don’t hide them in wellies.

What celebrities do you follow for footwear inspiration and why?

Gwen Stefani always gets it right when it comes to shoes. Whether she’s on stage in DM’s, shopping in flats or on the red carpet in heels, I love her style from head to toe.

Paula from The LDN Diaries

Paula-blogger-at-the-ldn-diariesWhat styles of footwear are your favourite and why?

For comfort, I am definitely a flats girl. Whether it’s a cute pump, a sandal or a trainer they really are your best friend. I only recently got into wearing trainers more and now I am a bit addicted to them. I love summer time as you have so much choice for sandals, I really like the gladiator sandal style – it’s so chic and a great summer look.

What are your top footwear faux pas and why?

  1. Wearing high heels when you definitely cannot walk in them. Swap to a flat and enjoy them!
  2. Just because it has glitter, pom-poms or neon laces all together on one shoe doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Less really is more sometimes.
  3. Unpainted toenails with a peep toe heel. Eek! Just no!

What celebrities do you follow for footwear inspiration and why?

I love Olivia Palermo’s shoe style, she always seems to team the perfect shoe with the right outfit. My style crush was a pair of knee-high lace-up boots she wore in winter. She always looks amazing and definitely has some great taste in footwear.

Did you find these tips helpful? What are your go-to summer shoes? Tweet us your thoughts @Wynsors_Shoes or leave a comment below!


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