Getting the Right Holiday Shoes: How to Make Shrewd Footwear Choices When You Only Have Hand Luggage


Getting the Right Holiday Shoes

Do you often just take hand luggage when you’re going on holiday?

We’re sure you’ll agree that packing light isn’t an easy skill to master. You want to be prepared for any and all occurrences and there are just so many holiday shoes that you want to squeeze in!

Nevertheless, our recent survey of 1,000 UK residents told us… 

  • One in three holidaymakers regularly go away with hand luggage alone
  • One in three people will only take a checked bag if they are on their travels for six or more nights!

We can’t blame them, though. Many budget airlines are renowned for being particularly stingy with their baggage allowances, knowing full well that we’d jump at the chance to save money on what is usually an expensive week in the sun! More money saved beforehand means more drinks by the pool after all!

With a typical hand luggage weight restriction of 10kg – among the top 18 major airlines – however, it requires some preplanning. But it IS doable. We’ll help where we can: find out which shoes are light, versatile and stylish, when you’re travelling with hand luggage only, in our top tips below.

Yes, you can take shoes in your hand luggage!

Many of us are quite uninformed about cabin bag allowances – it’s not surprising as all of the airlines have different rules!

Even so, we’re still surprised to hear people asking if they are allowed to carry shoes in their hand luggage. As long as your bag is the right size and weight, and the contents are in line with the legal restrictions, you can take whatever you like in your bag.

Although, if your bag is overweight, it may not be accepted or it might have to be checked in, sometimes with a hefty fee to boot. An oversight like this can cost upwards of £50. To be safe, you’re probably looking at three or four pairs of holiday shoes max, among your other hand luggage essentials – that’s if you choose your plane footwear tactically!

The ones you’ll wear every night

When you’ve taken hold luggage in the past, we can bet you’ve taken a few footwear options for the evenings, then picked the most comfortable pair as soon as you arrived, and worn them most evenings because they go with everything.

We all do it!

The only difference when we put shoes in our hand luggage is that we have to make key decisions ahead of time. Choose something versatile that suits all of your outfits; something stylish and smart enough for a restaurant and something you can stand wearing for four or five hours! This varies from person to person, so we’d suggest a test drive before you go.

Here’s how you can do it…

For her:

Metallic fabric is on-trend this season, plus it will look magical with your tan, and a raffia wedge is a great light option. Alternatively, these Hush Puppies feature a season-friendly block heel and sling-back strap, with a cushioned sole for extra comfort.

Hush Puppies Sidra MailiaDolcis Hollie

For him:

Guys might consider swapping leather brogues and boots for boat shoes or a desert boot style. These options from Rockport and Ben Sherman will complete a slick, formal look but they aren’t as heavy, which your feet will appreciate as much as your cabin bag when the weather is warm.

Rockport LangdonBen Sherman Laurence

The ones you’ll wear every day

Every day without fail in fact! You don’t need us to tell you that flip flops will come in handy on a summer holiday – you’ll wear them to the beach, perhaps while you’re shopping, or for relaxed evenings in the hotel bar on those occasions you don’t feel like dressing for a night out.

You’re going to come home wishing it was normal to wear flip flops to work, and our choices are very lightweight, so they’ll take up next to none of your allowance. In short, a must-take.

For her:

Ladies, you can opt for pretty, 3D floral flip flops or a cool, sporty style with a lush soft sole from Skechers.

Strollers ErinSkechers on the go flow

For him:

This season, we can’t decide between this casual, comfortable Ben Sherman pair and these trend-friendly camos with a flexible sole for our go-to men’s flip flop.

Sinner Beach Slaps CamoBen Sherman Bora

The walking-around shoes

When you actually have to get up and walk around – there’s always someone who wants to ‘explore the area’ and if you can’t think who, it’s probably you! – you need a shoe that is more secure than a flip flop, or your tootsies are likely to get tired, but you still want to choose something breathable.

For her:

Ladies, you’ll already know thanks to our festival Blog post that gladiator sandals are THE footwear trend of the summer. If you prefer a little lift though, these cute, minimalist wedges will keep your feet safe and comfy too.

Apache TribalWynsors Ashleigh

For him:

Slip-on pumps are a man’s lifesaver on holiday. They stay on, they’re easy to take off and they’ll keep your feet a lot cooler than trainers do.

A simple black or navy pair look chilled yet stylish and they go with everything! Try our Tommy canvas slip-ons for an extremely lightweight shoe, or wear Hadley from Henleys for a little more structure – perhaps if you foresee a particularly long ‘exploration’ in your future!

Wynsors TommyHenleys Hadley

We hope we’ve given you some useful holiday shoe inspiration and that we’ve demonstrated that you can pack footwear that covers all bases when you choose wisely!

Don’t forget, you can shop all of these pairs and more at Wynsors today. If you have any tips on how to make the most out of travelling light, please pop over to Facebook now and share your packing wisdom with the rest of us!


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