A Day in my Shoes: Annabel from Adorned in Monochrome


Every Friday we will be chatting with one of the UK’s top fashion bloggers about their style inspiration, fashion tips and more. First up we have been speaking to Annabel from Adorned in Monochrome.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well firstly, I am very much a city girl, living around London my whole life. I think that is what really helped spark my interest in Fashion, as it’s known as being one of the world’s fashion capitals! I can’t remember a point when fashion hasn’t been an interest of mine. I have just graduated with a degree in fashion design and have been blogging for the past 3 years.

Can you tell us a bit about your blog?

I set up my current blog, Adorned in Monochrome just over 1 year ago and it has been so amazing watching it grow and gain success. The idea for it actually stemmed from a joke that I had with my friends, they would always point out how much black I used to wear and that I barely wore colour! I played on this and realised it was a niche market in the blogging community; there are a limited number of monochrome fashion blogs. It is very much a personal style blog, where I show my followers how I style my day-to-day outfits according to current trends. It has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and meet other bloggers like myself!

Anabel wearing metallic sliders

How many pairs of shoes would you say you own?

I’m not your typical Carrie Bradshaw with a whole closet full of shoes. I regularly detox my wardrobe to make room for new items, so I would say I have about 15-20 pairs of shoes at any one time.

What were the last shoes you wore, and why did you wear them?

Today I wore a pair of metallic sliders. I chose these shoes, in particular, to go with a boho style printed jumpsuit and because they are comfy for my daily errands.


What was your last shoe purchase, and what made you buy them?

My last shoe purchase was a gorgeous pair of nude wedge mules which I then wore to the Investec Ladies Day event in Epsom. They are different to anything else that I own and are made of beautiful leather!

What are your oldest shoes, and why have you had them for so long?

My oldest pair of shoes is some flat knee high leather boots that were given to me by my Aunt. Not only do they have sentimental value but they are a classic style that will never go out of fashion.


Have you ever bought the same pair of shoes again and why?

I have countless pairs of Flossy plimsolls! I worked with them for a while through my blog and became obsessed with just how comfy they are!

What would you say are your dream shoes, and why?

A pair of high heels that don’t make my feet ache… but they are extremely rare and hard to come by!

Anabel Knee High Boots

Are there any footwear trends you think will be big over the next year?

Gladiator sandals are making a definite comeback just in time for summer. But in terms of the year overall I would say that sky high heels and platforms are out and a shorter, chunkier heel is the way forward.

How do you style your favourite shoes?

I currently have a new favourite which are the mules I mentioned in the ‘last shoe purchase’ question. I have recently styled them on my blog with a denim shirt dress and fedora hat, however, they are incredibly versatile! I’ve worn them with evening dresses but also with jeans for a daytime look.

If you could pick any pair of shoes from Wynsors, what would they be and why?

I love the Wynsors Lucia heel! Strappy shoes are so in right now along with the gladiator style and they are perfect for dressing up any outfit! Great for Summer too!

Lucia Strappy Heel from Wynsors

What is your top shoe fashion tip that doesn’t break the bank?

I have two! First one is customisation; believe it or not, customisation is quite easy to do with shoes! For example, I wanted a pair of navy shoes but couldn’t find a style that I liked so I bought a cheap pair in a light grey and used navy shoe polish to re-colour them! My second top tip is to buy staple shoes that won’t go out of trend and are hard wearing, this way you don’t go through shoes quite so often! Sometimes paying a bit more for good quality and end up saving you money in the long term!

Lastly, if you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

I would be a warm fluffy slipper that you can’t wait to relax in after a long day!

Blog: http://adornedinmonochrome.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adowsingx

Instagram: https://instagram.com/adowsingx/


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