Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman Shoes and Footwear. Ben Sherman was born Arthur Benjamin Sugarman in Brighton in 1925. At the age of 20, Arthur decided not to continue the tradition of working for the family business and in 1946 immigrated to the United States via Canada. After a legal name change to Ben Sherman, he successfully applied for U.S. citizenship. While in America, Ben Sherman met Ruth who eventually became his third wife. Ruthís father a prosperous garment manufacturer took Ben under his wing and taught him every aspect of the business from manufacturing to marketing. However, in 1962 he moved back to Brighton with his family and opened his own clothing factory and factory shop. It was there that the famous Ben Sherman button down collar shirt made its debut in 1963 and the rest is history. With help from his fourth wife Daphne the company prospered faster than their factories could churn out Ben Sherman Shirts. Aspiring to a smart tailored look influenced by sharp, modern Italian tailoring a Ben Sherman Original shirt became a status symbol. The Ben Sherman shirts were adopted by the youth movements of the day, none more so than the scooter-riding mods. Influenced by 60's and the later 70ís U.K. bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Police, The Jam and many others who were outfitted in Ben Sherman.

Ben Sherman's marketing strategy today plays on this heritage of the brand and its strong links to the British music scene throughout the decades. With modern bands such as Oasis and The Keiser Chiefs who are the latest in a long line of celebrity wearers the brand is moving from strength to strength. Ben Sherman dominates the men's branded apparel market being the 4th largest casual wear brand in the UK. The company has grown from a fledgling shirt manufacturer to a worldwide men's fashion brand and has introduced womenswear, youthwear, childrenswear and more importantly shoes!

A true British success story you can always be sure that with the Ben Sherman brand you are buying a product of exceptional quality and style. Here at wynsors you can buy from a wide range of Ben Sherman shoes and accessories so browse our range and pick up your fashion bargain today!


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