A Guide To Buying Menís Shoes

Men of Britain, we all know we are, with a few exceptions, bad at shoppingÖ really bad. And when it comes to buying menís shoes we are no different. Most of us apply the following questions when we make our footwear purchases:  Do they fit? Do they hurt when I walk about in them? Will people look at me funny when I wear them? So long as the answer is yes to the first and no to the last two then the decision and purchase is usually made with little further thought.

However women can teach us some valuable lessons about shoes that will help us and make us look and feel better in our footwear. No Iím suggesting that you rush out and buy yourself a pair of killer heels or knee length boots. But if you pick shoes to suit your situation and have certain shoes for certain occasions you will find look better and feel better and, because you have a few more choices, your shoes will last longer.

So what to wear when, and please accept my apologies if Iím teaching anyoneís elderly relative to suck eggs.  Formal shoes for such things as interviews, religious events like weddings and posh dos. Choose a style that is appropriate to your age. The fashion at the moment is for a pointed toe on formals but if you are of more mature years maybe go for a more squared off toe or even a brogue.

Casual shoes can mean anything from trainers to boots or shoes that have a more relaxed style and as the name suggests are for less formal occasions. Pretty much anything goes here but scruffy, dirty and full of holes does no one any favours so if they are worn out bin them. Also if they are worn out they are not giving your feet the kind of support they need.

When it comes to trying on shoes wait till the afternoon as your feet swell during the day and make sure you have on the kind of socks you will be wearing. This will make sure that your shoes will be a comfortable fit.