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Wynsors World of Shoes Approved Footwear Suppliers for Local Schools - 26/07/12

Wynsors World of Shoes Approved Footwear Suppliers for Local Schools

No sooner have the kids broken up from school for their summer holidays, their parents are planning to send them back in style. Parents are making their decisions on what school shoes to buy but teachers are becoming increasingly disappointed at some of the choices of footwear being worn. We know this can be a tough time of the year for all and that is why Wynsors World of Shoes has stepped in.

As you are probably aware, all schools have a uniform policy which must be adhered to and one of the most challenging items listed in this uniform is what kind of footwear is acceptable to wear for school. Buying footwear for this purpose can be a frustrating time of year for parents and children alike and so that is why Wynsors has come up with a fantastic idea.

Wynsors, throughout its 43 stores have teamed up with many local schools around the North West to hopefully help ease the annoyance of shoe shopping ready for the new school term in September. Over 60 schools have joined in with us on this new adventure and are delighted with the results so far.

Each of the 67 schools received an initial brochure containing all of the Wynsors World of Shoes ďBack-To-SchoolĒ range for 2012. From this list, a representative from the school browsed the whole range section by section and selected which footwear would conform to their uniform regulations. As the schools had now individually chosen the footwear suitable for wear, we could get to producing their bespoke brochure. To add a little something special, the majority of the schools supplied Head Office with their school crest to complete the unique look of the brochures.

Many of the schools had requested the finished brochures to be delivered in time for their intake evenings before they broke up for their summer holidays. As you can imagine, with this being the first year that we have produced these brochures, we were shocked to see such a positive response from the schools involved. The deadlines for the brochures were rather close and there were thousands upon thousands of them that needed printing. Despite all of this, all schools received their brochures for their requested date.

Lets hope that the brochures take some of the stress out of BTS shopping as long as mumís and dadís donít leave it until the last minute.

Fingers crossed these brochures will keep mum, dad, teachers and students in the North West smiling now, and throughout the school year.

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