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Wynsors Embraces the Social Media Phenomenon - 04/03/10

Whether you are an avid tweeter a dedicated follower of Facebook or completely bewildered by the whole thing you will no doubt be aware of the social media phenomenon that has swept the country and the world in the past couple of years. People now run their lives via these and a whole host of other such sites from their computers or even their mobiles. And, here at Wynsors, we think that there is a fantastic future for this new social phenomenon.

We have set up a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/wynsors and now have over even a Twitter page http://twitter.com/Wynsors_Shoes And, far from being just a fad, we feel that both mediums are an excellent way for us to communicate with each other in a very direct and relevant way. You can post comments on our ranges, our service or pass on any other suggestions you may have and we can get an answer back to you much quicker than by conventional means.

We also post exclusive deals and early previews of new ranges on both pages so you can get an extra special bargain ahead of the crowd. Why not click on the links and follow us and find out more about Wynsors, your favourite online shoe shop (We hope!).

Become a fan on Facebook:   www.facebook.com/wynsors

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