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Facebook Helps Find Wynsors TV Winner - 13/06/11

Facebook Helps Find Wynsors TV Winner

Busy mum of 3, Kirsty Murch, our latest competition winner, was blissfully unaware of her good fortune as she had not seen the e-mail saying she was the proud owner of a brand new 42 plasma TV. Undaunted the Wynsors web team used the power of social media, in the form of our Facebook followers and posted a message on the Wynsors Facebook page to see if we could get in touch with her that way. And thanks to Facebook follower Tracey Rollings it worked.

When she came in to collect her prize top Coronation Street aficionado Kirsty said When you enter competitions you never think it will be you so, as I hardly use the computer, I never thought to check my e-mails! and that is how it could have stayed but for the message from Wynsors on Facebook for Kirsty to get in touch. It was picked up by Tracey Rollings, one of our fans, who then found a profile for someone with the same name from the Halifax area which turned out to be the Kirsty we were looking for.

Kirsty was presented with her prize at our Halifax shop by Store Manager Isabel Greenwood. While having her photo taken Kirsty said Id like to say thanks to Tracey and to Wynsors and Ill definitely be buying a Lottery ticket this weekend to see if my good luck continues! We are sure her husband and kids will be hoping it does. Good luck with the Lottery Kirsty, and enjoy your new TV.

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